Fitness Expo

Today I went to a free Health and Fitness Expo in Century City sponsored by Operation Fitness founded by celebrity trainer Michael Torchia.

I went specifically to audition for a new Health and Fitness channel that is coming out, and Michael will have his own show for Operation Fitness. I’ll post my answers for that interview for you later 😉 It was fun, but I won’t hold my breath.

not in love with this photo thanks to the double chin, but I guess that’s a good motivator… They interviewed us on the “red carpet” with this backdrop from their sponsors. Pretty cool.

Got to try LOTS of fun stuff…

Mix1 protein shakes (they’ll get a review post all to themselves)

As will the Power Crunch people 🙂

This thing was actually pretty cool. I’m always skeptical of weird at home equipment that claims to be an easy way to exercise. I tried it out and it definitely engages everything, and would make a really good resistance workout for someone with not lot of space to workout. Little too pricey for me; the band cross thing itself starts at 49.95 and gets more expensive if you want to add in the DVDs and warranties and fancy pants stuff like that. If I had the extra money, I might have gotten one. Might suggest it for a gear award (fun program I’ll tell you about later!).

My favorite equipment thing they had though was by these people:

Core Stix is a weighted board with different poles you insert for different workouts; everything from rows to roman dead lifts to presses. It would be a really cool thing to have in a home gym. Starts at around $1400 so that would be QUITE the investment, but this one is definitely getting recommended to my boss.

Some former Biggest Loser contestants were there. 2 work on the Malibu Resort and one works in Utah.

This was pretty good as far as energy drinks go. Sweetened with stevia and doesn’t have a weird aftertaste (which is GREAT!) but it seemed to me it still had a lot of carbs for some reason…

And finally, there was a Ms. Fitness Pageant.

Open category ladies (18-40). The tall blonde in the middle had a spectacular body in person. I also really liked the blonde in the pink sports bra; she wasn’t the most jacked, but she was super toned and still had a sexy feminine physique.

40+ category; the youngest woman was 49. The white haired lady is 73!!! The one on the far right is 50, and probably has one of the best bodies I’ve ever seen in person. Spectacular. This definitely gave me a kick in the pants to start training harder.

Which is good… because my boss surprised me yesterday and entered us in the Gladiator Rock’n Run on April 28. I’m super excited. I wanted to do Warrior Dash, but couldn’t afford it. It’s the same idea; 5k with crazy obstacles. I’m going to start Insanity when I move on the 1st 🙂

Finally, to round things out, my meals for the day:

Panera breakfast: egg and cheese on whole grain

Snack around 11: Mix1 Chocolate Protein Shake

Lazy Lunch: Fresh & Easy Vegetarian Chili with a handful of spring greens

Wiped out on my bike last night and the chain came off, so I have to bring that in to get fixed. I know I should do something active, but I got up early and I’m SO TIRED. I did make myself walk a lot earlier though, so I got in my 30 minutes of movement 🙂

Let me know if you guys want a Mix1 or Power Crunch review first!


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