Original Tumblr Post

Here is what I posted when I first made my fitness tumblr 🙂

I’ve undergone a LOT of changes in the past few months since moving to California.

For starters, and I know I’m going to have a lot of disappointed people on my hands, I am no longer vegan. Not because I’ve decided I hate the environment and animals, but simply because at this point in time, I’ve found adding back in some animal proteins is greatly improving my health, specifically my bipolar. I’ve even managed to control my compulsive overeating so for me this is HUGE. Once I’ve gotten a better handle on eating like a normal person, I may (and likely will) go back to being vegan, but until then, I am a loving flexitarian (hence the new blog title). I don’t eat meat every day; in fact, most days I am vegetarian, but I do eat animals every now and then, so be prepared for photos (I’ll try to make them look nice at least).

The biggest thing going on in my life right now is the fitness and nutrition documentary I am working on, called “Why Am I So Fat?”. You can check out our website.. I’m on there, it’s pretty cool. Hopefully we will have our trailer up soon. Since working on this project I’ve learned so much in the way of biomechanics, and nutrition and supplements and natural health and just SO MUCH INFORMATION.

I’m hoping to share as much with you as I can, within the boundaries of what I’m allowed in terms of giving away secrets meant for yet-to-be-released movies and books.

The biggest thing right now is my new mission: operation get jacked. I started this documentary as a PA needing to lose some weight. As many of you already know, I packed on about 40lbs this summer after my break up. However, to show a big enough difference for the film since everyone else around me is losing 100+ lbs, my trainer decided I needed to make a bigger change. So we’re going to get me ripped. I’m going to dedicate this blog to progress, work outs, gym reviews and meals during this operation get jacked. I started early last week, but things got away from me in terms of jobs and apartments and fun surprises that I didn’t get the chance to start this BUT it’s a new week!!!

I’m about to kick my butt into high gear; are you ready for it?


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