Tender Greens Review

Went to Tender Greens in Hollywood today for the documentary. It’s one of those places that quickly made its way onto my radar when I moved to LA, but I never had the opportunity to go before. We met with co-founder Erik Oberholtzer and he was great. Super nice, well informed, and a passion for sustainable, healthy, local-organic foods. For me, that’s huge. I still remain fairly skeptical of the “organic” labels on everything. Instead, I try to buy products that are from local farms, cutting out pollution and preservatives from the shipping process. So just in terms of food and business ethic, Erik won me over.

Then I finally got to take in the interior and the courtyard. I can only speak for the Hollywood location, but it was BEAUTIFUL. The patio out back is quiet (for being in DT Hollywood anyway), warm surrounded with flowers. The interior is eclectic and modern with a really awesome bar set-up. They serve beer and wine in addition to fresh lemonade, watermelon juice, coffees, teas, and agave sweetened sodas.

Once the interview was over, Erik asked if we were hungry. We’re shooting a low-budget documentary: YES, we’re hungry!!! The director knew what he wanted (Mediterranean Salad) but I didn’t have a clue. Rather than looking at the menu, I asked Erik for anything with kale. And he didn’t disappoint.


This is my glorious kale salad. It was tossed with a fresh dressing that had hints of onion and parmesan cheese. The kale (both purple and green) itself was tender and perfectly chopped. The quinoa (and maybe some other grain?)and veggie blend it sat on top with was also killer. I can only have those kinds of carbs before 3pm and I don’t bring them to the office too often, so it was a welcomed treat.

Prices here range from very affordable to “I don’t think that’s in my budget.” Soup for 4 bucks! Holy moly! I didn’t try any, but I’ll go back to buy that on principle. The regular large salads are 10.50 and if I hadn’t wanted to shovel all of that loveliness in my mouth, I could probably make two meals out of it, so that’s not bad. The harvest salad they had on special was 11 (and sounded amazing), and I’m guessing once you start adding the meats (they had thai snapper!) it gets more expensive.

Overall, for a quick, healthy meal at a business that is committed to environmentally friendly agriculture ethics, I’d definitely recommend it.


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