Training Day

I’ve been training with my trainer for about six months now, but I haven’t always been the most committed. After I got back from Vegas though, I’ve been pretty gung-ho about this whole trying to get ripped thing. I’m not ripped yet, but I am getting stronger. Tuesday was the first day I was finally able to do 100 jump ropes without stopping. Today I did decline push-ups on a bosu for the first time, as well as some burpees from hell (burpee + bench jump = my body hates me right now). Almost everything today was focused on arms and abs. Holy hell are my arms DEAD. I’ll post my workouts from the week at some point.

Had weigh-in this morning. I’m  not supposed to look, and part of me didn’t want to know  because I’ve been feeling extra huge lately… but I peeked, and I’m happy to report I’m down 2.5 from last week 🙂

I’m pretty proud of myself, especially after going a little harder than I meant to last night. But it was the boy’s  birthday, so celebrating was in order! We went to Spumante in North Hollywood for dinner. Started with the elephant garlic, which is a platter with huge roasted garlic cloves, goat cheese and pesto served with crostini. I had one, but obviously couldn’t go crazy with the bread. It was pretty yummy; I’m a huge garlic fan. Elephant garlic is milder than regular garlic, but gets super soft and almost spreadable. For my entree I got the grilled salmon special. Nixed the mashed potatoes and got double broccoli as well as carrots. It was phenomenal. The only other salmon I’ve ordered out that I liked as much was at this French restaurant I used to go to in the Grove in Miami. I also got the house Chianti and it was a solid glass of wine. I’ve gotten pickier since I went wine tasting, haha, but I’m no aficionado snob yet 😉 First we ordered the mousse cake for dessert and it was AMAZING. Rich, thick chocolate mousse on a thin layer of chocolate cake; more like a pie or a cheesecake. I limited myself to one bite. Then, when I was in the bathroom, I missed the singing of happy birthday (damnit) and the arrival of ANOTHER dessert; this time the tiramisu. It was some of the best I’ve had. Perfect balance of coffee liquor taste to cream and lady fingers, and it wasn’t all soggy. I had two bites of that one. From there we went and opened his presents before hitting up a couple bars. Went from rum and lime on the rocks at home, to Hazelnut Brown Ale at Kansas City BBQ, to vodka soda and a German chocolate cake shot at NoBar. I LOVE NoBar. It’s dark and divey and the jukebox always has great music on it. There’s a pool table I would love to play on some time, but with the new Billiards place opening up on Magnolia with 75 beers on tap, NoBar might just stay the late night dive spot.

Found out last night that not only my body is in training, but apparently my confidence is as well. At least now I know! Haha.

Going to another expo today down in Long Beach so that should yield fun photos and reviews! Mostly I can’t wait to get home, shower and nap before finding out what else might be in store for birthday weekend festivities.


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