A GOOD Case of the Mondays

What a crazy weekend! Friday we went to the Long Beach Health Freedom Expo. Let me rephrase, we POWER WALKED through the Long Beach Health Freedom Expo. After taking both the red and blue lines to get down there, we only had 20 minutes to grab info before we had to get back on the train. It didn’t really matter though; it was kind of a let down. Not a whole lot of free stuff, and a lot of it seemed to be those weird magnetic bracelets that promise you balance and what not. Oh well. Natural Expo West is this weekend and I’ve been promised free stuff in garbage bag amounts so that should make up for it.

Saturday was kind of a lazy day. The boy and I lounged in bed for a while and then made a yummy brunch. I had an omelet with mixed veggies and goat cheese. He had eggs, toast and hashbrowns. I’m pretty sick of eating eggs, but I’ve gotta say I’ve gotten damn good at cooking them. After that we watched some TV, including some killer cat show on Animal Planet, and looked at pictures of puppies.

Speaking of puppies, anyone else catch Christina’s surprise today? Thank you, Monday!

Anyway, after that I had to go to home to give my roommate keys I accidentally grabbed, which worked out so I could make myself look hot to go out. And I actually succeeded for once! Liked the first outfit I tried on, which included a pair of shorts that haven’t fit since May, hair and make-up came out great; I was feelin’ pretty good. Probably why I ended up drinking waaaay more than I had been planning on, but oh well. It was a fun night 🙂 A group of us went by the Brick Pub which is a new place over on Magnolia and Lankershim. I guess it used to be a pool hall but it’s since been done over to be a more spacious bar with 75 beers, most for $4-5. There’s still an area with pool tables and some dart boards as well. Their credit card machine wasn’t hooked up yet and people we’re feelin’ cash only so we bounced, but I’ll definitely go back. Plus, a grass fed beef food truck was parked outside. Cheap beer and eco-friendly burgers in one place? Yes, please!

From there we went over to the Federal where we were treated to a private booth in back for the birthday boy 🙂 We hung out, did some shots, relaxed… it was pretty awesome. Upon leaving, the boy bought me a rose from a Chinese man I attempted to speak Spanish to. It’s beautiful, and yellow, and still sitting on his kitchen table… oops. I haven’t really been home long enough to have a place to put it. There’s no table in my room yet :-/

Sunday I did some casting for the documentary and after going out Saturday it was a looong afternoon. All I wanted to do when I got home was take a nap, but instead, I made myself start Insanity and go for a run. Yeah, talk about shaking it up. The Insanity fit test didn’t feel too terrible at the time (although sweat was pouring off of me – see pic below) but I am definitely sore today.


My new apartment is directly across the street from a park that has a one-mile dirt loop, so I really don’t have an excuse to not be running more now. Did a couple miles, but needed time to shower and get ready before going up to the boy’s sister’s for dinner, so I just tried to push harder and faster rather than longer.

Cooking out up in Chatsworth was awesome. We hung out with his aunt, his sister, her boyfriend and the boyfriend’s mom and beau, took the dogs for a nice walk, and ate some yummy food (salad, burgers, brats). I even managed to take the night off from drinking, which my body definitely appreciates today.

Had a great night’s sleep (I was WIPED) and was met with beautiful weather on the bike ride to work. Got in a little early so I walked over to Whole Foods to grab a teecino and saw that the local-organic kale was on sale 2 for $3 so I grabbed a couple bunches. Still had 30 minutes at the office before anyone else got there so I did all my cleaning duties and blasted some Jay-Z/Kanye and Nicki Minaj (my latest workout music obsession).

So far the day seems to be going by quickly enough. Gotta do some grocery shopping tonight and try to get some Insanity in if the living room is free. Otherwise, maybe I’ll just have to take another couple laps.

Here’s to a great start of the week!



4 thoughts on “A GOOD Case of the Mondays

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for following my blog! I read your post and it looks like you have a solid routine just stick with the running and keep me updated.

    • sexyflexi says:

      Thanks! and thanks for the follow back.
      I usually don’t stay motivated enough to keep up a blog for my fitness and nutrition, but so far so good! haha.

  2. I’m glad too see that you are keeping with the posts. I also took a look at your professional website, it seems like you have some solid goals that you are trying to achieve. If you need some motivation to stay with your blog, you could try getting your readers involved. I am making a recipe section based entirely on reader submissions, something like that might help keep you going as well.

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