The [Longest Thursday] Ever Told

So I started this post at work, hoping to have it up by lunchtime like I normally do, and somehow the day became insane and got away from me. Not only did I do some vocal coaching, I recorded and helped edit sound for our trailer. After that we did some “research” by watching Morgan Spurlock’s POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold to gauge what getting some sponsorship for the doc will be like. It was well done, but makes me ever more hesitant to approach companies about our film. I don’t want it to feel like an infomercial. I told them I needed a night to sleep on it before I could really put into words what the “brand” of our film is and what other companies would be good to take along for the ride.

Luckily the day is finally over and tomorrow will be a short work day (the pluses of working on a Sunday I guess).

After yesterday’s lunch a review is in order


Found these Hemp Hearts in my bag from the Health Freedom Expo so I figured I’d give it a shot on my salad (kale, mixed greens, onion, celery, carrot, bean sprouts and goat cheese)


Not too shabby stats


Kinda made me feel like I was eating birdseed, but only visually. To be honest it didn’t taste like much, but I liked the texture on my salad. It would be a good thing to have in your bag for protein emergencies while you’re out and about, or just to make a $1 side salad more appealing than the $1 fries. Whatever works, right?

After lunch comes dessert:


I know, I know, it kinda looks like soap. It’s not really dessert… it’s coconut oil. A “coconut yummy” as my boss has deemed them. Since I’ve upped my coconut oil intake I’ve been dropping weight more consistently. This is because your body needs good fats to get rid of the bad ones. If you deprive your body of all fats, it gets scared and hangs on to the fat you have, which is something I definitely don’t want. You could just take a tsp to a TB with each meal, but in this form it’s just so much more appealing.

Coconut Yummy (recipe belongs to Tony Hale)

  • Roughly 1/2 jar coconut oil (extra virgin/refined; you don’t want the sugary pulp)
  • 1 dropper vanilla steva (this stuff is expensive; you could easily use a stevia packet and pure vanilla extract)
  • 8 capsules pau d’arco (trying to find a cheaper alternative to this too… it just gives it a cinnamon taste)

Melt the coconut oil (Not in a microwave. Don’t get me started on microwaves right now… But just don’t). Mix in the stevia and pau d’arco. Portion out into silicon mini-muffin tins (1T for females to start, 2T for guys) and put in the fridge to harden. Eat after a meal for “magical” weight loss effects.

I take 2T now, but I only have it after lunch, and only 5 days a week (not counting when I cook with it), so I would try it for a week and see how it works for you and adjust based on your results.

Roommate was home last night, so I made myself run. At first it was really tempting to just say “screw it” and take a nap. Instead, I walked right in, dropped my bag and changed before I had time to think about it. The run itself was a little hard to motivate myself through at first; “I could just walk,” I would think to myself. But honestly, I didn’t want to come on here today and write ANOTHER blog post about how I’d failed my workout. And I’m not going to lie. What’s the point of that? So I finally fell into a steady pace and ran my three miles. I really need to get some headphones; it’s really hard to keep pushing with no music. That being said, I’m still running a solid 10min mile, which isn’t great, but I’m glad I’m keeping a steady pace. Between 5 miles of biking and 3 miles of running, my legs are jello.

Cooked some great dinner with a very handsome kitchen companion last night (his heel made it into my photo)


Small steak, zucchini with goat cheese and a side salad, as well as a nice glass of red velvet Cupcake wine 🙂

Steak is definitely a rarity for me; I eat it maybe once a month. Going into what seems like it will be the weekend of a period from hell though, I think my body needed the iron.

Today was a fairly boring eating day. Had a whey protein shake with some peanut butter for breakfast. Biked to work. Apple and raw almonds for my first snack, green smoothie for lunch, broccoli for a second snack, biked home.

I think my roommate is leaving soon, so I’m gonna get ready to do some Insanity. I’m exhausted, but I have weigh in at the gym tomorrow, early. I’ll be going through responses from yesterday’s post on workout motivation and have those up tomorrow 🙂


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