I'm In a Glass Case of Emotion!

Well hello, Friday! I should be more excited to see you methinks. Lots to cover today… Where to begin?

So last night my roommate did, in fact leave, so I did, in fact, do Insanity. And wanted to die.


That’s not sweat. Girls don’t sweat, they glisten 😉

Pushed myself through Cardio Power and Resistance. Anytime I wanted to give up, I just kept thinking, “don’t stop, you’re better than that, [insert my guy’s name here] doesn’t want a fat chick.”

Okay, slightly deprecating, but effective. Nothing like having voices in your head saying “babe, you’re hot” to keep you moving. I almost threw up. And soaked through my clothes. But it felt great when I finished.

Then it was dinner time:


Kale and Miso Soup

  • TB Miso Paste
  • 1/4 c. Green onion
  • 1/4 c. cubed, firm tofu
  • Wakame (handful)
  • Dried Shitaake mushrooms, chopped (handful)
  • 1 c. chopped kale

Bring 2 cups water to a boil. Add all ingredients except wakame and simmer until mushrooms are soft. Add wakame. Enjoy 🙂

It was a pretty great post-workout meal. Lots of liquid to rehydrate and lots of protein. Showered, brainstormed stuff for the documentary, sang for a while and relaxed. Then shit hit the fan.

I won’t get too into the details of it, but let’s just say that the boy and I got into a “discussion” that made me feel like utter crap. I’m talking I went from this:

(I love this pic of Marilyn)

To this:

(She’s so sad!)

To be fair, I’m a little overly emotional right now.

Okay, a LOT overly emotional. But I still felt terrible about myself. And cried myself to sleep. But hey, I blame the moon:


On a bright note, let’s talk fitness motivation!!!

Motivating Yourself to Workout (my favorite picks)

  • Early birds: “I try and leave something important at the gym so that I have to go get it in the morning before work.”- Tyler In Denver

I think I’m forgetting something…

  • After work: “I try to drink a cup of coffee about an hour before I work out. It gives me a boost and then I really have no excuse not to work out. Plus, if I don’t burn off the caffeine, I have a hard time sleeping.” –Sensibly Fit

Let me pound this, bro, then I’ll run like a mutha.

  • First thing: “Try to go to bed in your workout clothes, it helps eliminate the excuse of “I don’t want to get ready” Getting ready in the morning takes about fifteen minutes of walking like a zombie to the closet staring blankly and debating whether to just stay in pajamas and go back to bed. ” –Undressed Skeleton

Let’s do this!

  • My new favorite for end of the day: don’t let yourself get too comfortable when you get home from work. Immediately change into workout clothes and fill up that water bottle. I know you’re tired and you want to decompress, but it really just sucks more energy out of you. Instead of draining what little chutzpah you have left, use it to fuel a workout. The rest afterwards is so much more rewarding.

Hey man, workout first, couch after.

It was definitely a rough wake up after not sleeping super well last night, but you don’t really have an option when your training is waiting for you in the gym. Didn’t get weighed, which is A-Okay with me; I have a feeling I’m retaining a LOT of water right now…

Green shake, bike ride, training sesh, bike ride, pepper and almonds, and here I sit, sipping some sencha. I’m still kind of a basket case, but trying to push past it. My mid-section needs no extra cortisol!

Besides, the voices in my head still say I’m hot 😉


6 thoughts on “I'm In a Glass Case of Emotion!

  1. I genuinely use the full moon as an excuse to be a trainwreck for an entire week. People are like “what’s wrong with you?” and I’m all like “don’t you know it’s the second day after a full moon? When stuff gets real weird?” – I also legitimately believe the stuff i tell myself about the full moon feelings :). Anyway great blog! Glad I found it!

      • Sounds like you are doing great with your workouts! I like your post workout meal, I’ll have to try it when I get an apartment next month and have a real kitchen. Right now my favorite post meal is greek yogurt mixed with chocolate protein powder with a banana cut up. It’s not fancy, but it tastes good and I can make it over a sink.

        Remember that fitness may make you look good but it’s ultimately for YOUR health and happiness. Let personal goals be your inspiration!

      • sexyflexi says:

        You’re post meal sounds good too; though I’m not really supposed to be eating bananas :-/

        What protein powder do you use?

      • I use Gold Standard Natural Whey, chocolate flavor. I choose this one because it has not artificial preservatives or sweeteners. The cheapest place I have found it is Amazon.

        If you don’t like the banana, you could throw in a few 70% dark chocolate chips to complete the desert feel. The chips are low in sugar and high in antioxidants. Perfect for quick muscle recovery.

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