Back on Track

You’ll be happy to know I’m feeling a little happier than yesterday, although I am super tired. Couldn’t sleep last night and extra early gym time makes for a sleepy Sam!

But it’s okay because I have fun things to show you!!! Natural Expo West!



We interviewed Nutiva founder and CEO, John W. Roulac for the documentary.


So Delicious has a new almond milk ice cream that’s amazing. I tried the Butter Pecan; I wish I could eat this every day. It honestly tasted better than the Fosselman’s butter pecan I was serving at Cookies N Cream, and that stuff was like CRACK. You could definitely fool non-vegans into eating this stuff. I should’ve been greedy and tried all the flavors, but was trying to be good…

They also have an almond milk with added protein (5g). Personally, I would only go for the unsweetened one cause I don’t like to drink my sugars. The taste was really good and I loooove the idea of extra protein, but I wish I could pronounce all of the ingredients…

I’ll be giving looks inside expo products probably everyday this week, cause there’s a LOT to cover, but this next thing might be one of my favorite new product finds…


I’d heard about Zevia when I first got on my health kick about a year ago, and tried the cola, but I just wasn’t wowed by it. Maybe because I was always a diet pepsi fan? In any event, this “Dr. Zevia” tastes EXACTLY like Dr. Pepper, without scary ingredients. I urge any soda drinkers trying to wean themselves off the nasty chemicals to start drinking this product. I am all about stevia!

Got home and cleaned my room last night for TWO FREAKIN HOURS; but it looks like someone actually lives there now which is good. I like being in it more.

Around 8, I realized I was really hungry and was craving nachos… something definitely not on the diet.

So I improvised:


Homemade kale chips, toasted seaweed, homemade salsa and daiya. It didn’t really satisfy my urge, and I was still kind of hungry after, but it tasted healthy at least.

To balance out all that health, I treated myself to dessert:


Ghiardelli’s Cocoa made with sunflower milk and NuNaturals stevia, and a new Dagoba Lavender Blueberry tasting square. It sounds strange, but it was PHENOMENAL. Sweet, chewy blueberries throughout not-overly-bitter dark chocolate with the perfect hint of lavender. I’d highly recommend it.

Today’s meals have been less exciting. Same green smoothie for breakfast, apple and almonds as snack, same salad I’ve been eating except with tofu instead of egg. I miss cooking exciting things. I guess maybe I could start doing it again… it’s just a budget thing. Unless companies want to start sending me free stuff, I’m at the mercy of my loan statement. Oh, private education.


3 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. glad you’re feeling better. and glad you’re doing all this expo work. it’s really interesting to read and has given me some great ideas. question: I’m looking for a yeast-free commercial bread but even the sprouted grain breads I’m buying have yeast in them. I’m thinking maybe gluten free is the route to take but I haven’t done the research yet. Curious if you’ve come across anything.

    • sexyflexi says:

      Yes! I was actually off yeast around Big Love time until about the end of September.
      The Ezekiel people make two different gluten free breads that don’t have yeast, and I’m pretty sure Whole Foods carries a couple other sprouted brown rice breads that do not contain yeast. I must warn you, this bread is even denser than the regular sprouted grain bread and I wouldn’t recommend trying to eat it un-toasted (although it made a great frozen PBJ)
      I pretty much started baking a lot of my own flatbread (why do these stupid companies have to put yeast in FLATbread. obnoxious)
      Good luck! Migraines are TERRIBLE; glad you caught it before it developed into something worse.

      • awesome advice, thanks! i rarely eat bread just for bread’s sake anymore. meaning, i toast it always. if i have a sandwich, i usually use pita but that’s normally yeasted too i think. i guess i should just continue experimenting at home with my own baked stuff. but i’ll hit Whole paycheck this week and see what they got.

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