4 and 20 Blackbirds

So it didn’t occur to me until later in the day that yesterday was Pi day (3.1415… I forget the rest). I had to celebrate correctly…


Republic of Pie is one of my favorite spots in NoHo.


Not just because they offer so many amazing pies, but because the staff is friendly, their coffee and tea is lovely and the atmosphere is to die for.

Okay, and I love the pie. Granted, it’s not exactly on my diet… pie isn’t even a sometimes food; it’s a “should you really be eating that?” food. And then I tell my conscious to shut the hell up, thank you kindly and I eat some pie.

So far I’ve tried their veggie quiche, dutch apple pie, chocolate cream, and…


Chocolate Covered Strawberry. I’ve yet to be disappointed. Their quiche is dense and packed with veggies with a delish flaky crust. The dutch apple has this delicate crumb topping that is out of this world (though, I must say, doesn’t come close to the kind my ex’s mom used to make…). I’m not usually a huge chocolate cream pie person, because it’s just pudding in pie crust, but Republic of Pie does crust well, and this is key. The strawberry chocolate was pretty much the chocolate cream sans cream add fresh strawberries. It was good, but hard to eat.

I think I could just eat slices of their crust with some whipped cream….

Hmm, maybe I’ll ask the next time I go in. I also got a chai latte, with almond milk (SO excited to find a coffee place that uses Almond Breeze!). It was good, but a tad on the sweet side for me. I’ve also noticed, for whatever reason, non-dairy lattes are NEVER hot enough. I’ll have to ask for extra hot next time; and probably get coffee instead… or see if they can do it unsweetened.

Then it was dinner time with film friends! George was in town, as I mentioned, and I also met up with Steve (who works for iCarly!!!), Matt, and Joey (also from that post back in August). We ended up back at Native Foods, a completely vegan restaurant down in Culver and as badly as I wanted to get a burger or big quinoa bowl, I restrained myself and got the Taco Salad.


It was HUGE and delicious. I got it sans corn and added jalapenos as well as some of their salsa. The seitan taco meat was seasoned really well and there was a good ratio of veggies to meat. Not bad for 9 bucks. Native Foods rarely disappoints… I just don’t get down there too often.

It was good I behaved at dinner, because then I was treated to a very NOT vegan dessert…..

COOLHAUS!!!! I’ve been dying to try since I first heard about their truck months ago (and when people continually came into the bakery and told me Coolhaus sandwiches were better than ours. No shit, sherlock, they make their own stuff at coolhaus). The flavors were really unique (though I was sad they didn’t have any beer flavors). I tried sweet potato marshmallow, dirty mint chip and balsamic marscapone fig, ultimately deciding on the marscapone. It had a really nice, mellow flavor to it that paired perfectly with their soft, double chocolate cookies. The main one pictured was George’s; he got red velvet cake and double chocolate cookies. Mine is the smaller hand in the upper right corner 😉

I should feel guiltier for eating 2 desserts, and my face definitely shows it this morning, but I also pushed myself super hard in the gym this morning. I’m benching about double what I was 6 months ago and doing raised plank bosu pushups. While I do need to reel in all this sugar eating, a treat every once in a while won’t kill me.

Today though, I’ve cleaned up the eating… green shake before the gym, apple and almonds after, tofu with salad for lunch, and the new banana SoyJoy. It was really good; tasted like banana bread and probably would be good warmed in the toaster over or something.

Been doing a lot of book editing at work today, so I didn’t have time to write as much as I wanted, and I won’t have too much time tonight because I’m hopefully going to get to spend some time with the boy!!!! 🙂

So excited. I realize it’s only been, like, 3 days… but I’m going through withdrawals.

What’s your favorite way to treat yourself? Comment below and I’ll feature my favorites in a post 🙂



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