Power of Positivity

Missed a post yesterday due to work being crazy… still crazy but I don’t want to get too far behind, especially because this blog is what truly keeps me motivated. I realized this at the gym this morning after a surprise weigh in and less than stellar workout on my end.

As I was walking it off on the treadmill afterwards, I kept repeating all these negative thoughts in my head about how I should’ve pushed harder, how I was stupid to drink so much this weekend and obviously I must have gained 5 lbs (my trainer won’t let me look at the number) and how I have no will power and on and on and on…

Until I realized how much progress I’ve made over all. I’m stronger, I’m faster, I quit smoking, I’ve lost 20lbs, most of my old clothes fit, and I’m becoming more confident.

So today is dedicated to positivity, things that are going right, and new snack reviews!!!!

Friday after work, I made myself run, even though I was tired and it was cold. Ended up shaving 2.5 minutes off my 5k run time for a total of 29 mins and my first time to run a 5k without stopping for water or rest in almost a year.

After my run:


Kit's Organic Fruit and Nut Bar (Peanut Butter)

This bar was awesome. Definitely not enough of a meal to withstand the night of drinking that followed, but as a quick power snack before biking or after the gym it would be perfect. Plus no scary ingredients. I’ll have to look on my other bar for the nutrition stats, but I don’t think the sugar is too outlandish. Too bad they won’t be out for a while :-/


Friday night!

As promised, a pic of me not looking sweaty. Despite changing a bunch of times, I was pretty happy with how I looked to go out and felt pretty freakin confident. I went to a bar for a friend’s birthday and ended up making a NEW friend that works across the street from my production office! It’s been hard making new friends out here that are my age, so this was VERY exciting.

No pics from St. Patrick’s day, but I had an amazing dinner of fish and veggies,  and wine; then a red velvet martini (omg, it was like crack), my first Irish Car Bomb (and then another…), some Bailey’s AND spent the day with my favorite person! Not too shabby.

Went to lunch the next day.


Grape Escape - Moscato, Skyy Grape, Grapes, Lemon Juice

The boy knows how I love my moscato, so as soon as we read the description of this at Benihana, he ordered it for me 🙂 I’m a lucky girl. Seriously though, he’s amazing.

Lunch was tasty (and healthy); got the spicy hibachi chicken, which came with salad, rice and veggies

After that we went and got season passes to Universal and I took the studio tour for the first time. It was a blast a half and I REALLY wanted to play in Who-Ville.


tattoo text 🙂

Getting a tattoo on my wrist soon with motivational words my former acting teacher used to say, in my mentee’s handwriting.

Chili Lime Popchips

Snack before dinner last night… Not the healthiest, but only 100 calories (I know, I know, I don’t normally count calories, especially something like this that is devoid of nutritional content) and they were spicy and delicious. Good for someone trying to kick the chip habit, but not good for someone like me who’s already supposed to have kicked it.

Garden of Life, Organic Whole Food Bar

Could NOT get out of bed this morning, so breakfast options before the gym were limited. At only 7g of protein, I don’t think it was the best choice of all the bars I have, but ingredient-wise, it was the cleanest. I love the texture and taste of these products; not too sweet, nougat-y and delicious.

Zico Chocolate Coconut Water

I’ve always wanted to drink more coconut water but tend to shy away from it because of the sugar. After the gym this morning though, I decided the potassium and electrolyte benefits were greater than whatever the negative effects of the sugar content would be. Probably should’ve gone with the natural over the chocolate; old habits die hard apparently. That being said, this was AMAZING. Definitely too much sugar to drink one every day, but the rich chocolatey taste would satisfy any milkshake craving for way less fat and sugar. Not to mention all the iron, potassium and other vitamins. Love love love this.

Share your positivity! Comment below and tell me how you re-inspire yourself or something great you’ve accomplished lately. Responses will be featured in a post with a link back to your blog 🙂


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