Whirlwind WIAW

Huge announcement today, but first… FOOD PORN!

Dinner last night:


Panera You Pick 2: tortilla soup, sesame chicken salad & apple



Dagoba Milk Chocolate

Breakfast this morning:


Decaf coffee with coconut milk, 2 eggs and sauteed kale

AM Snack:


Peter Rabbit Pea, Spinach and Apple Puree



ThinkThin crunch and mixed salad with goat cheese and raw garlic spread

Been in PR overdrive at work this week because we FINALLY released our trailer today!!! Here’s some info to catch you up to speed:

I moved to Los Angeles in September and was hired as a production intern for a weight loss documentary. Since then I’ve earned the title of Production Coordinator; arranging and filming interviews, researching, business correspondences and reaching out to sponsors and partners.

The director, 26-year-old Gabe Evans, weighed 435 pounds in June 2011 and was categorized as super obese for most of his adult life, until he started learning the science behind losing weight. Then the documentary was born. Over the past six months, we have been interviewing health professionals, nutrition specialists, personal trainers, and health food companies. The end goal is to educate, inspire, and provide comprehensive information about weight loss that is straightforward and usable.

Aside from acting, health and fitness have always been huge passions of mine, so it’s been great to have the experience on and behind the camera, learning about weight loss and nutrition in the process. (Dropping two dress sizes doesn’t hurt either). Our project is not about attributing blame to any one cause of obesity, and it’s not about promoting any one diet and exercise program; it’s about getting the scientific information out there so the public can make choices based on what is right for them.

I hope you’ll take the time to check out our website and watch our trailer, and pass along this info to anyone you think might be interested!


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