Low-Carb Pizza Recipe and More

After the busy PR day at work yesterday, all I wanted was to unwind with junk food… so I opted to do so in a healthy way 🙂


thai sweet chili popchips

popchips while my cauliflower steamed. I like this flavor… not quite as much as the chili lime, but it was still good and vaguely reminiscent of the purple Doritos I love so much…

“Wait, cauliflower? I thought you said you had junk food?”

Well hold your horses. The cauliflower was FOR the junk food. I attempted to make low carb pizza, slightly adapted from Charli Cohen’s recipe. If you don’t know this chick, look up her up. She is strong, sexy and loves cake. I think we were made for one another…


1 c. cauliflower, steamed and put through food processor (I also highly recommend squeezing it through cheesecloth at this point to remove excess moisture)

1 egg

1/2 c. daiya

2 tsp coconut flour:


Low carb/high fiber: coconut flour

Mix it all up:


magic bullet to the rescue!
steamed cauliflower, egg, daiya and coconut flour in there.

Press onto greased baking pan, and bake for 12-15 minutes at 400 degrees.

This is where I went wrong… attempted to just use foil and squished my overly wet cauliflower dough (should’ve used the cheesecloth…) into it. The top started looking nice & crispy and got quite firm… But the bottom stuck like crazy and I had to scrape half of it off… but I did kind of save it. Which was good, because I was excited for my toppings:


toppings! eggplant marinara and field roast italian sausage.

Pretty sure field roast is my favorite fake meat out there. Hands down. Their products are INCREDIBLE.

Sprinkled on some spices and threw it into the toaster oven on “broil” for about 7 minutes.


also threw on some kale; this was after scraping it off the foil and flipping it into a pie pan...


the only slice I could kind of pick up and eat

The taste was actually quite phenomenal… it just fell apart :-/

I’ll have to tweak the recipe more…

Another busy day today; had a green smoothie for breakfast and was already pretty hungry around 10:30 at work.


morning snack! Nature's Path Organic pumpkin-n-spice bar

This bar was good. REALLY sticky though. I definitely prefer the Think Thin Crunch Bar I had with lunch yesterday. Both of them are fairly low in sugar though, so I can’t complain too much. DO check out Think Thin’s products; I’ve always been a fan.

Back to work!


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