size 4 jeans!

Yup, that’s right, size 4! I bought these jeans around winter break of last year from Gap. I remember being so excited at the time to own a size 4 in jeans and changed into them at the freakin’ mall. I don’t think I’ve even attempted to put them on since July or so, too scared for the disappointment.

Well, I’m meeting up with a friend of mine tonight and while he still has not told me what’s going on (“meet me in Hollywood at 6.” really man? it sounds like a drug deal…) he said to prepare for possible cold. Not knowing who I may run into, I worried, as most girls would, about what to wear. My go-to ripped jeans just weren’t doing it for me, so I stared up at the shelf, took a deep breath and gave it ago.

For a moment, I thought they weren’t going to make it over my hips, but they did! And my butt looks great in them 🙂 They’re still a tad snug, but they button comfortably with no muffin top!

Just goes to show that when you actually learn how your body works and what it needs chemically and biologically to function correctly, fun things can happen.

That being said, listening isn’t always my favorite thing to do…

The boy kept me on track last night with dinner:


Trader Joe’s soyaki has sugar in it, but I hate being a pain in the ass so I told him he could just cook all the chicken together and it wouldn’t be a big deal.


He cooked my chicken separately AND seasoned it perfectly. I’m very spoiled. Not sure what I did to deserve it, but I’m certainly appreciative 🙂

I sauteed my veggies and noodles on the side, then tossed everything together. Really good. Added some stevia to soy sauce, sesame and chili oils, ginger, garlic and red pepper to get that same sweet and savory flavor.

Then we caught up on the Voice and I ate (perhaps a bit too much) homemade cashew ice cream. The jeans still fit this morning though 😉

Breakfast was a protein shake with my new whey protein. Contains only 3 ingredients: whey protein concentrate, natural vanilla flavor and stevia. It’s pretty good, actually. It just gets really frothy which makes it hard to make in my bullet since there’s no room to expand. I technically use 3 servings to get 24g of protein, so I think it’ll go pretty quickly, but the stats are great and I love that there are less than 5 ingredients.

First snack was a beauty that looked a little something like this:


green pepper stuffed with Trader Joe's spicy hummus

The pic is actually from yesterday’s snack, but I ate the other half today with a small apple.

Another wilted salad for lunch:


romaine, mushrooms, broccoli slaw and microgreen sprouts

Isn’t my lunchbag fun? It’s insulated and everything. Courtesy of the grandparents 🙂 I’m a lucky girl.

Kind of late to the party, but I just got turned on to Jenna Marbles; especially this vid:

Still crazy sore from the gym yesterday (biking to work SUCKED real hard) so I didn’t go to 24hour before the office today. Depending on what time I get back from Steve’s mystery adventure tonight, perhaps I’ll go before bedtime?

Books are nearly done, so that’s pretty cool. These first ones look at dealing with menstrual cramps naturally, but the whole series is about looking at the way your body works and correcting issues that have (likely) built up over the years and are now presenting themselves as a wide variety of problems (anxiety/depression, obesity, cramps, digestion, etc.). When we release them officially, I’ll be sure to update you.

Just signed on to do some make-up design this weekend, so that’s pretty cool. It’s for deferred pay, but it’s a pretty cool feature length project that has some festival potential so that’s neat.

Got some more Quest Bars in the mail yesterday! I’m hoping they’ll take notice of how often I eat them and start to throw me a couple extra here and there cause these babies ain’t cheap! Oh well, they’re tasty.

Until next time.

peace. love. positivity.


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