Playing Catch-Up

Holy long blog break, Batman!

So when I last left you, I was on my way to figure out what surprise my Hollywood friend had in store for me…

It was Jason Mraz!!!


He was the free outdoor concert on Jimmy Kimmel and my friend had priority tickets so we got right in and we were super close. While there was an obnoxiously tall man in my way, I could still see most of the show and it was AWESOME to be there. After a really terrible phone call with my mother, Jason was exactly what I needed to tap into my happy place.

A friend of his from work also joined us. A very cool dude and also a huge Jason fan. They’re both going to the Hollywood Bowl concert in October as well. Did I mention I got tickets for that? I did 🙂 Jason Mraz and Christina Perri. Can’t wait!

After the show we hit up 25 degrees restaurant at the Roosevelt Hotel. Pretty solid selection of burgers and salads. I went with 1/2 a kale salad topped with a tuna burger. It was delicious. The dressing was really tangy, the kale was massaged well and the tuna was cooked perfectly. Pretty cool little lounge area to eat in; the bar looked sweet and I was a little disappointed I couldn’t imbibe, but it was still a great night. Always nice to catch up. Went back to my friend’s sweet apartment (he lived right near Runyon; jealous much!?) and chatted for a bit. Ended up getting home around midnight and attempting to sleep, but couldn’t do so until about 2am…

This resulted in a very quick breakfast making/lunch packing the next morning:


Vanilla protein shake for breakfast, quest bar for lunch; not all my snacks got eaten. Met with the director for a film that I helped with this past weekend to go over makeup needs (more on that in a bit). Dinner ended up being odds and ends; some grass fed pepperoni, kale and cheese.

Lunch the next day was far more awesome:


Threw broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms and tempeh in a tupperware and stir-fried everything at work. I find I’m much more satisfied by hot food than cold food like salads, but I obviously want to be eating primarily vegetables, so I think this is a good compromise.

I honestly don’t remember what dinner was Friday night… I think another snack type scenario. We went down to Hollywood to see a band that a friend of ours is in. I’ve never been out in Hollywood, so that was a pretty fun experience and I didn’t miss drinking to be perfectly honest.

The next morning was early wake-up, dog walking, bag packing and off to set.

I did make-up design for a film called Virginity. Rarely do I get to do pretty make-up, and this was no exception. I spent the weekend turning extras into prostitutes, homeless people, and drug dealers, as well as beating up this poor girl:


Lip scabs…


fresh black eye…

I also dumped some blood in her mouth and down her leg. Yup. I’m brutal.

Eating on set was a little tricky, especially the first day. I’ve kind of been used to there always being veggies of some kind on set, so while I brought a couple snacks with me the first day, I was very under-prepared when crafty was granola bars and taco bell. Happy to say I resisted the granola bars (27g of sugar!!!) and I managed to pick through a vegetarian burrito and sustain myself, which was good since we shot for about 13 hours Saturday. I was better prepared the next day though with a quest bar, apple, almond butter, broccoli and yogurt for throughout the day. I did pull some cheese and mushrooms off a slice of pizza to have on my broccoli because the smell of Pizza Hut was just too overwhelming. I did not, however, partake in the crust. I was pretty proud of myself…

Wrapped at just the right time to bike home, walk the dog, shower and meet up with the boy for the amazing dinner he made:


Osso buco with onions and carrots served atop some cauliflower and celery rice. As we were eating, we realized everything was organic, which I thought was perfect for Earth Day! The meat was perfect; moist, tender and falling off the bone. He thinks it was ambitious, but really he’s just a great cook.

Finished off the night with the Voice, the end of SuckerPunch and some “Chopped.”

Finished reading the first textbook for my personal training course and it’s got me motivated… and rethinking my diet a little bit as far as it comes to workouts. Tried out just having a handful of nuts before going for a run this morning instead of a shake or a bar. I don’t know if it was just because I was tired, or hadn’t run in a while or what, but I did NOT like this approach. My running pace had been pretty good, and while it’s been about a week since I’ve run, I just felt like I had NO stamina. I was ready to quit by the end of mile one. Luckily I made myself finish 5k; getting kind of nervous about this weekend. Planning on kicking my training into high gear this week and trying to eat as cleanly as possible.

Had a shake after the gym and for lunch too.

My lunch shake was pretty awesome; pumpkin, whey, cashews, kale, cinnamon and almond milk. Just like pumpkin pie.

So training tomorrow morning, swimming or circuit Wednesday, running Thursday, training Friday, race Saturday.

Did I mention I’m still formatting books?


peace and love.


3 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. Thank you for the fun look into your interesting life! I think it’s adorable that you do so many amazing things career wise, hang out at places people only dream about, and you still manage to document basic human things, like food and exercise! It’s just so very cool!

    • sexyflexi says:

      Thanks lady! Glad I’m keeping readers entertained. My life feels so stressful and monotonous sometimes I worry I’m boring people. Training this morning will make for a pretty good post later though boy. Wooo! I’m beat!!!

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