I Think I Can.

I’ll get food out of the way first today since it’s not the most interesting part of my day today…

Dinner last night was decent. Met up with a kid I went to high school with that just moved out here in December. He was in my ex’s grade, so I didn’t know him super well, but it’s always interesting to catch up with someone from your hometown after six years. We met at Panera so I got my usual: asian chicken salad, no wontons, dressing on the side. Had a reward to $1 off a drink!!! so I got some herbal tea.

Breakfast this morning was some scrambled eggs with a little bit of ham from the pieces that didn’t fit onto the boy’s breakfast sandwich. My peanut butter Quest Bar after the gym was even more enjoyable than usual (probably because of my workout, which I’ll get to) and kept me full for a pretty long time. Ate my lunch around 2…


Tempeh, Mushrooms and Zucchini

Still working on formatting this book… I thought I’d fixed everything, but somehow weird white highlights were showing up? Frustrating. At least you can rest east knowing I will never want to work on a book of my own. This blog is all you have to suffer through 😉

On the bright side, we sparked the interest of a dietician that does non-profit PR and fundraising who is interested in helping us raise money, AND we secured an interview with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson! I’m really excited about that one 🙂

Gunnar has worked with people like JLo, Christina Ricci and most recently, Kim Kardashian. He advocates clean eating, cardio and resistance training, and getting more sleep. I love this man.

My workout today killed me. I woke up pretty sore from yesterday’s run, so I was weary of just the bike to the gym, let alone what my trainer had in store.

What did I do that I’m now stiff, even more sore, walking with a slight limp and cursing my life?

  • Reverse lunge into a front kick on bag (15 rep/leg, 3 sets)
  • Hip Adductor (20 rep, 3 sets)
  • Upright rows (15 rep, 3 sets)

  • Ab front leg raises (20 rep, 3 sets)

  • Dead lift (20 rep, 3 sets)
  • Alternating front arm raise (15 rep, 3 sets)

  • Lat raise (12 rep, 3 sets)

  • Uneven bosu squat with weights (15 rep, 3 sets)
  • Rear leg lift (15 rep, 3 sets)

  • Overhead press (15 rep, 3 sets)
  • Weighted X crunch on bosu (20 rep/side, 3 sets)
  • SPRINTS (1:15, 6 sets)

While I did feel like I was dying a little bit on the sprints, I decided to try out this whole ball-strike thing. As a newbie runner, I don’t think too much about my form and am usually way more concerned with running for more than 10 minutes at a time without passing out. This seemed like a good opportunity though, and I’ve gotta say, I definitely prefer it. I felt lighter and my strides were longer, despite the strange engagement of new muscles I wasn’t used to using while running. It seemed easier to breath even. It will be an adjustment, but for the most part it felt a lot better.

At times I even felt a little like this:

Hilary Swank, being a toned and sexy babe.

Even though I’m pretty sure I looked more like this:


After the torture was done, I walked for 20 minutes. Then biked to the office. Then found out that the Rock’n Run is adding more obstacles this Saturday and increasing the distance. FOR THE SECOND TIME! I’m now running a 7k. Woof.

On a positive note, I finally won a blog giveaway! And from my favorite blog! Yummy PB Crave in my mouth…


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