Walking + Hopping + Running = No More Biking

It was a rather busy weekend!

Friday was pretty low key… made some chicken and dumplings…


In hindsight, I think this is the only meal I cooked and ate at home all weekend…

Mine were coconut flour; didn’t work out too well, sadly. I was supposed to use almond flour but forgot it.


Saturday the boy had a golf tournament, so I took the bus to pick up our box of produce from Abundant Harvest, and then took it back to the Farmer’s Market to grab some eggs for us and treats for my Foodie Pen Pal!

Walked home from there and got ready to go for a run…


Training for the half has officially begun… I ended up running 8.7 miles in just under an hour and a half. Not breaking any records, but I was happy with my time considering how hot and humid it ended up being!

Gave myself a nice little tour of Burbank and Glendale before coming back through and going thrifting on the way home.

Total miles walked in addition to the run: 6.3

Ended up with a cute romper and a sweet dress for the Showcase tonight and my mystery date weekend.

Dressed myself up in my romper, did some sweet hair and makeup to feel girly, and went out and hopped around NoHo with the boy.

We started at Brickyard Pub for their happy hour since they have Yeungling (my east coast U.S. readers can appreciate this; and anyone living on the west coast that misses it).

From there we went and had a pretty spiffy dinner at the Eclectic Wine Bar and Grille.


grilled chicken and oven baked goat cheese over mixed greens, sundried tomatoes and pine nuts

I’m pretty obsessed with goat cheese so it was really easy to win me over with this dish. The atmosphere is very fun and the server was lovely. Great little spot in the Noho arts district if you’re in the area 🙂

Finally we ended over at Big Wang’s once the basketball game was over. Red.Velvet.Wangtini.

You’re welcome.

Sunday morning we woke up and walked over to get some chicken and waffles from Otis Jackson’s Soul Dog.

Well, the boy got the chicken… I got vegan sausage with peppers and onions. We both gave two thumbs way up. The waffle was thin and light, my sausage was nice and spicy, and the boy’s chicken was crispy and juicy. Definitely check it out.

From there we walked around the neighborhood a bit…


pretty flower!

And ultimately decided to hop on the train and go down to Hollywood!

I jumped at the chance to visit my idol…


Found ScarJo’s star!!!

Right in front of Madam Tussaud’s!

From there we did some shopping…


Shopping at H&M… apparently they encourage PDA?

I didn’t buy anything (save for my brother’s birthday present) but we found the boy some new stuff. Except for jeans…

Apparently buying jeans for men is very difficult.

After some bar hopping and more walking, we ended at Boardner’s for dinner.


blurry photo of our Boardner’s feast: mixed arugula salad with avo, rack of lamb with mashed potatoes and “the best” (not quite) mac and cheese

Loved this lounge spot. Very dark and swanky old-timey Hollywood feel. Yummy food and drinks too 🙂

Total miles walked: 4.5

Got back to the boy’s apartment, did some cleaning and some baking, and then watched some A Walk to Remember on TV before passing out. SUCH a guilty pleasure… I freaking LOVE that movie.

After such a great weekend, it was a little disheartening to come home and find that my bike was stolen 😦

The green lady is no more. People are just downright mean sometimes; they went through a lot of trouble to cut the lock off of a pretty cheap bike with no seat on it…

I hope they need it more than I do.

Luckily the boy’s sister is lending me hers… I’m now accepting sponsorship in the form of cars, scooters or motorcycles!


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