What Happens in Vegas

I owe you so many life updates!

My apologies for being MIA this past week or so… I left for my surprise weekend with the boy and took a blogging vacation while I was away working on the doc.

Yup, Why Am I So Fat? made our first out-of-state road trip as a crew last week; we hit Vegas!

Now as you can imagine, traveling with your trainer and nutritionist means some healthy planning ahead, leaving little room for unwanted vacation weight gain.

I brought:

  • 3 salads with chicken
  • seaweed snacks
  • raw peppers
  • protein cookies
  • spinach
  • protein powder
  • raw almonds
  • grass fed jerky
  • hardboiled eggs
  • zucchini
  • guacamole

Breakfasts were generally a protein shake with a protein cookie. Lunches and dinners were a combo of snacks and eating out:

  • Buca di Beppo: grilled chicken Caesar salad (no cheese, no croutons), chicken marsala, chicken saltimbocca, steamed broccoli and green beans – Excalibur Hotel
  • Omelet House: omelet with spicy chicken, tomatoes, onions, peppers, spinach and monterey jack – Henderson, NV
  • Pampas Churasscuria: salad bar and LOTS of meat (Brazilian steakhouse style) – Miracle Mile Shops
  • Grand Lux Cafe: caramel chicken (basically orange chicken; this place is owned by Cheesecake Factor) with broccoli instead of rice – Venetian Hotel

Grande Lux Cafe at the Venetian – Caramel Chicken

Also grabbed a meal at Whole Foods at one point; some deli salads and 1 very large strawberry kept my sweet tooth in check since there was no coffee pot for hot water to make tea or hot chocolate…

All the food was quite tasty and I didn’t feel super restricted. If anything I felt I ate more than I usually do, but the boy told me I didn’t look fatter… so at least there’s that!

I trained once in the gym while we were there, and once in my room.

Gym was kinda meh at the hotel, so I just did some pyramid sprints on the treadmill. Room workout was an abs circuit.

Other than that, we walked around a LOT and I did a lot of that walking in heels, so things were definitely being BURNED.

Our first night there I had a very pleasant surprise…

I packed this dress on a whim. I tried it on back in October/November and almost cried because it was way too tight. I wore this dress last year for Firework and working my last show on the main-stage as Wardrobe Supervisor:

May 2011 – that’s me in the middle; check out my calves!

Happy to report that it fits again! Just in time to pose with my new friends:

No, I did not get a new job in the adult entertainment industry. We interviewed two Chippendale’s Dancers (top photo), Chaun and Nathan, for the documentary. Chaun has some amazing nutrition smarts and Nathan is a pretty well known athletic trainer for sports teams in Vegas.

We also interviewed Debra Stefan, a former Vegas showgirl who now runs a live-in fitness camp (a la Biggest Loser) and “Big Elvis,” an Elvis performer who weighs over 500lbs (down from 900+).

I also got to see some sights:

Fountain at Bellagio

…and I sang karaoke. On the strip. In the middle of the day.


Hopefully the video will be uploaded at some point so I can give you the link… I was pretty proud of my performance 🙂

Other fun time? Peepshow at Planet Hollywood!!! I really wanted to see this show when I was in Vegas for Valentines Day, but they didn’t have a performance that night.

I was pleasantly surprised by this show… not only did I get to see some amazing naked women, but the choreography, story and songs were actually really good!!! I definitely recommend it.


I know I’ve left out one very important update: WHAT WAS THE SURPRISE SAM!?

We’ll it’s going to remain secret a little while longer… mostly because I like keeping it all to myself.

Partly because I still have a lot of photos to go through.

Those of you that follow me on twitter/facebook/instagram probably already know, but the rest of you will have to wait until tomorrow 😛

It’s good.

Super good.

I promise.


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