Jumping into June

I realize it’s already the 5th of the month, so I’m a little late on the uptake.

But June really got kick-started this week here at the office, and only now am I realizing…


Summer starts this month, the year is halfway over, my CPR certification expires in a month and I am WAY behind on my personal training studies.

That being said, I am working on some pretty awesome stuff over here…

Getting ready to do a giveaway for the book I co-edited, planning travel dates for NYC to interview some big shots in the fitness magazine world, setting up interviews with some of the hottest celeb trainers, and yesterday I shot two episodes of an upcoming web-series that I think my readers will certainly enjoy 🙂

I’m also on day 7 of my cleanse which means my brain is fried but I add eggs back in tomorrow!

Now, I don’t even particularly LIKE eggs… but I’ve never been so excited to start working protein back into my diet.

I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight, but my face looks thinner, and I can feel my ab muscles so that’s definitely something. I have learned, however, that when you’re on a cleanse that restricts what you eat, you should probably at least eat when you’re SUPPOSED to, especially after walking around in the sun all day, otherwise you may end up cranky and whiney and crying like a 5-year-old. Hopefully if this happens to you, you will be fortunate enough to have a certain someone swoop in to the rescue to cook you a beautiful and creative dinner to make sure you eat before bedtime. Seriously though: zucchini fries, caramelized onions, seasoned bell pepper and garlic dip; how lucky am I?!

Gym this morning was pretty rough. Hell, biking TO the gym this morning was rough. I had to stop for a little break at one point. Got through my sissy workout well enough, but I’ll be happy when I can get back into my routine. And running…

Only 19 days till my half marathon! My goal is to get in at least 1 long run a week, plus two/three shorter ones. I’ve also not been keeping up with my once a week yoga goal, and my gym membership is currently meaningless since I don’t think I’ve gone since before Vegas.

Get it together, Sam!

I know, I know…

I finally got back into studying all my personal training materials again, but I’m way behind from where I want to be. I think I’ll try to write some posts about the basic concepts as a way to teach them to myself. I seriously have no discipline for this kind of thing outside of a classroom setting. For shame.

Haven’t been quite as creative with my cooking, even though I went on that little tirade in my last post. I’ve just felt really drained. Re-did the spinach/basil pesto with some kelp noodles last night. If you haven’t tried kelp noodles yet, get on that!

Lastly, the transit of Venus is tonight/today (depending on where you live) so that’s pretty spectacular! My inner-girl scout nerdiness LOVES all things astronomy. Can’t wait!

Any fitness concepts you want me to explain? Want me to shut up and stick to posting recipes? Send me your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “Jumping into June

  1. You have been a busy beaver. Have fun on your trips and I would love to check out the web series but, I may not understand anything about your book accept what it feels like to be kicked there.

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