Introducing: Workout Wednesday

In an effort to keep myself on track with my studies, I bring to you the newest feature of my blog: WORKOUT WEDNESDAY.

Every Wednesday I will post a new exercise that targets multiple muscle groups. I will provide photos, and an explanation of how to do it, as well as what muscles you will be working! Doesn’t that sound like so much fun!?!

Humor me.

I came up with today’s workout this morning while I was at the gym. I did 35 minutes of interval training on the elliptical and had only 15 minutes before I needed to leave for work. I knew I wanted to get some abs in, but I wanted to keep my heart rate going. This did the trick.


Bosu Lunge Medicine Ball Wood Chop

this is the reverse of what I want you to do, but you get the idea.

Depending on your balance, you can stay on the bosu between lunges, or step back and lunge forward. Form is more important than trying to show off.

Grab a bosu and a medicine ball that you can comfortably lift across your body a bunch of times. I wimped out and chose 6; I should’ve gone 10.

Step forward onto the bosu with the left foot, raising the medicine ball over your left shoulder with both hands.

As you press into the lunge, chop the medicine ball across your body, keeping your arms straight, twisting your trunk and driving the ball towards your right hip.

Raise out of the lunge and pull the medicine ball back above your left shoulder, keeping the abs engaged and the arms straight.

Do 3 sets of 15 reps per leg.

Primary Muscles Used (actively moving; concentric and eccentric): Rectus Abdominus (6-pack), Transverse (the muscle you suck in to squeeze into skinny jeans), Obliques (love handles? not you!), Glutes (boo-tay), Quadriceps and Hamstrings (thighs of steel!)

Secondary Muscles Used (as stabilizers; isometric contraction): Rhomboids (stabilizes the scapula to keep that ball moving), Erector Spinae (for a straight back), Deltoids (work that ball!), Adductors (for sexy thighs), Calves (so you look great even better in heels)

Now go try it! I did this in combination with some bosu crunches (abs) and bosu supermans (lower back).

In case you were wondering…

It’s day 8 of the cleanse and I’m doing pretty okay. Stressed out a bit while studying last night and wanted to binge/purge real bad, but I took a breath a moved farther away from the kitchen.

Whatever it takes!

Yesterday’s eating was kind of all over the place… morning shake had a pluot and a nectarine, made some brussels sprout chips to have with guac as a snack, afternoon shake was plain, lunch was leftover stir fry, evening shake was a CRAP ton of kale, and then dinner last night was super tasty; I got lazy wanted to treat the boy since he had to fix his car and ordered from Lotus Vegan. Got the spicy mint leaves with veggies (bulked up with my own kelp noodles) and a green kombucha (no fruits) for me, garlic pepper “steak” with rice and salad for him. I’ve yet to be disappointed with my food from this place, and the fact that it’s right around the corner makes it that much better.

Today started with the same morning shake, plus a couple of eggs after the gym. Whoo hoo, protein! Just had my plain shake about 20 minutes ago, and have leftovers bulked up with chinese broccoli instead of the noodles for lunch.

Lots of work to do on the books today, so luckily the day seems to be moving at a decent pace. Wednesdays can drag on sometimes…

Also, today is National Running Day! Now that I can start running again I plan to put in at least a 5k when I get home; we’ll see how I feel at the 3.1 mark.

Did my workout “work” for you? Are you observing National Running Day?



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