Not Enough Hours

This week has been CRAZY busy thus far; packed with interviews (author Nell Stephenson and celeb trainer Ashley Borden) and book re-formatting…

all the while finishing up this cleanse and training for the half.

It’s THIS Sunday!!!

I’ve heard before that if you can run 10, you can run 13.1, so I set out last night with a 10 mile route planned:


so tired. so sweaty. so accomplished.

Took me 2 hours, which isn’t stellar, but given the stop lights I encountered, I’ll take it. My first 4 miles were my best time yet at 31 minutes of uninterrupted running, but the way back proved more challenging. Probably didn’t help that yesterday morning’s training focused on legs.


I AM feeling a little more confident for Sunday though, and have a good playlist that revs me up, so I should be okay.

Been grilling a lot with the boy and eating really good food. I’ll post on that later this week, as well as details from the interviews.

It’s Workout Wednesday, but because I don’t have a ton of time today and also because I’ve been so focused on pretending to be a runner, I thought I’d link you to a couple good articles about strength training for runners. I know a lot of runners like to focus only on cardio because they’re worried about bulk, but lean muscle mass and a strong core are essential to power through endurance runs (and to look sexy).

What muscles are we (primarily) targeting?

The core: obliques, rectus abdominus, tranverse, lower lat. A strong core helps you maintain proper form and adds power to your stride.

The legs: quads (sartorius, rectus femorus), hamstring (biceps femorsu, vastus, gracilis), calves (gastrocnemius, soleus)

The hips: glutes, hip abductor (illiopsoas, tensor fascaie latae), his adductor (longus, magnus)

Happy workout 🙂

For more on my interviews and why I WON’T be carb-loading this weekend, stay tuned…


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