Food, Fitness and the Fab Ashley Borden

Today is going to start with some food porn for you! Because I was on the final round of the cleanse this past week, I’ve omitted the multiple shakes and veggie snacks, and I leave you with some pretty and colorful plates.

Not to mention tasty!


Eggs and zucchini scrambled with lemon juice, stevia, paprika, cumin, cayenne, garlic in lettuce wraps with salsa and guac


Garlic chicken with zucchini and onions caramelized with garlic, rosemary and fresh oregano


SP complete-zucchini bread (faux french toast) with white peaches cooked down in coconut oil with nutmeg and cinnamon


Grilled salmon over green beans with a random sweet and spicy marinade reduction


Wild salmon skewers on the grill with Stubb’s beef marinade, and garlicky sauteed green beans and a mixed salad on the side. SP complete mug-cake followed.

Last night was turkey meatballs in organic marinara with a portabello cap and some zucchini pasta with a kefir “milkshake” for dessert.

Went to the gym after work, but found myself really fatigued and my heart just wasn’t in it. Did a core circuit for about 25 minutes with some frog crunches, reverse crunches, straight legged, star crunches, planks, side planks, bridges and regular old crunches before heading over to Panera and grabbing lunch and dinner for today. Sat for a while and sipped some coffee while I attempted to journal.

That went… interestingly, to say the least.

Started with the notion that because I’m happy right now, I tend to look for reasons to not be happy. Yup, I totally do.

Why? Well some flow-charting, stream of consciousness writing has told me it’s because I don’t think I deserve happiness, for a variety of reasons, and that it will inevitably be ripped away from me at some point in the future so I better not get too comfortable with it. I’m fun, right?

So then I tried to make a list of things I like about myself to try and convince myself that I do, indeed, deserve happiness.

That didn’t go super well.

Left to go to the grocery store, and while my little pity party left me wanting to binge/purge, I bought myself flowers instead.

I like flowers.

They helped… a little… then I turned into a hot mess.

But this whole introspective journey started for me Tuesday after we interviewed Ashley Borden for the documentary.

Ashley Borden is a fitness and lifestyle consultant with a slammin’ bod, and has worked with clients like Ryan Gosling, Mandy Moore, Reese Witherspoon, Christina Aguilera, Natasha Bedingfield and Ke$ha, just to name a few. She is a contributing editor to one of my favorite sites,, and is also on the advisory board for Fitness magazine. An avid dancer in her younger years, she stays up to date with all the different fitness trends, and has even started Olympic lifting; something she says has helped her get into get best shape ever. Not enough? She also volunteers with the physical rehab of breast cancer survivors and has worked with at-risk youth to improve their knowledge of nutrition and fitness.

Oh, and she’s 22 years recovered from bulimia.

This woman is my hero.

Ashley is pretty much everything I aspire to be, at least when it comes to my training career path: grounded, funny, outgoing and driven (plus SUPER hot!). But the biggest thing for me, is fighting the ED demon. I think the biggest comfort to me, as strange as it might sound, is that talking about it still makes her emotional; and I had to fight back some tears myself.

She talked about how OA helped her deal with the emotional and mental side of the ED, and eventually got to the point where food doesn’t rule her life.

I want that.

Tips from Ashley: don’t drink your calories; water and herbal tea only. don’t be afraid to get moving. keep a journal. don’t stand in your own way. if you get a craving, figure out why; imbalance, nostalgia, boredom, depression. inform yourself; there are so many free articles out there.

She also has a book called Your Perfect Fit that you should check out; definitely fits with our message of catering to the individual. I was certainly inspired talking to her.


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