July Is Here

So my initial thought for this post was “oh my god, can you believe it’s July?! Where has the summer gone already??”

And then I listened to Bill Burr’s podcast and he made a very good point (because he’s brilliant) that rather than lament about what you already haven’t done, you should just shut up and do something.

So this is my cliche shut up and do something post.

I guess I should start by saying my new Bill Burr obsession is in full force thanks to my first real comedy show Saturday night over in Ontario (CA, not Canada)


For those of you that don’t know Bill Burr, he is a hilarious ginger (represent!) who shares most of my attitudes on women and women’s rights stuff.

Seriously, watch this one.

ANYWAY, it was a great night, the openers were pretty good and Burr was better live than I could have hoped for.

So now I’m super obsessed and listening to all his podcasts.

I jump on bandwagons pretty good.

So I’m starting a new one for the summer my life.

(yes, some things seem “bigger” than others. deal.)

  • Take pictures of everything I eat. Don’t worry, I won’t post everything and bore you to death, but this will force me to be accountable, more so than just writing shit down, cause I’m never very good with that
  • Leafy greens at every meal. Yes, breakfast too
  • Always have healthy, BALANCED snacks on hand. Which means throwing a pepper in my backpack will not suffice
  • NO buying coffee/tea from coffeeshops. I need to save for Christmas plane ticket/my birthday. Plus I should be drinking more water
  • Drink more water
  • Allow for a cheat day. 1 day. Not 1 cheat everyday.
  • Foods are no longer “good” and “bad” and there isn’t a list of foods I’m “not allowed” to have. There are simply choices that I know will make me feel better, and choices that will make me feel less good
  • Full-fat dairy only, max 1 serving/day; try to do goat’s milk stuff instead
  • No soy, no nuts, no white sugar
  • Make a menu for the week but DON’T FREAK OUT if you stray from it
  • Try to stick to the menu
  • Workout more
  • Stress less
  • Sleep more
  • Meditate
  • Drink more water (yes, I know it’s on here twice)
  • Read the news more
  • Organize my finances and my budget
  • Keep listening to Bill Burr podcasts

Edit: I realized I kind of contradicted myself by saying there wasn’t a list of “not allowed” foods; however, soy, nuts, white sugar and refined dairy are things that my stomach does not consider digestible, therefore, they aren’t actually foods. So by the transitive property of Chaz P. Chikilis (yay Team Awesome! shout out), I did not contradict myself.

And now, because I’m sure you’re dying to know; here’s what I’ve eaten so far today:


Smoothie with chocolate egg protein, milk, nectarine, spinach, 1/4 avocado and ice


Cutting out nuts… sunbutter with celery sticks to the snack rescue!


Salad with mixed greens, peppers, beets, hemp seeds, artichoke and chicken, plus Whole Foods’ Smart Water knock-off


3 thoughts on “July Is Here

  1. Nice Plan… I like to think I follow a similar plan. I definitely need to add more leafy greens!!!! and I LOVE BILL BURR! Been to a few of his shows. I used to always listen to his podcasts but fell off the wagon. My boyfriend keeps me up to speed for the most part.

    • sexyflexi says:

      I’m ALWAYS jealous of your eats; ESPECIALLY that dinner last night, holy wow!
      Just seems like no matter how many times I “detox” myself from sugar, I’m always wanting it. Le sigh.

      • Ya, sugar is a mental addiction more than physical for me. I grew up with Little Debbie as one of my best friends. Our pantry did not go without some sort of snack cake EVER. Dinner was yummo! And Buttermilk Lemon Cake was divine!

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