Workout Wednesday – Circuits with Pictures!

So yesterday I had another “quiz” style workout, except this time my trainer and I took turns creating the circuit. Again, each circuit comprised of three different exercises targeting the legs, core and shoulder,  with three sets of each exercise. Try to pick weights that are light enough to keep the right form, but heavy enough so that you’re close to maxed out on the final rep.

1. Romanian Deadlift – holding two dumbbells, stand with feet shoulder-width apart with a slight bend in the knee. Keeping your back flat and you neck in line with the spine, bend over and the waist. Keeping back flat and straight, return to standing position. (15 reps)

2. Roundhouse kicks – stand parallel to a kickbag and swing the outside leg around and over. (20 reps/leg)

3. Concentrated side deltoid raise – Holding a dumbbell and lying propped on your side with your hand under your head, keep the other elbow tucked in to your side and raise just the forearm from the shoulder (15 reps/side)

not quite this; hinge at the elbow rather than completely raising the arm.

1. Box jump – Maintaining squat position, jump up onto box and back down again. (20 reps)

2. Windshield Abs – Lying on your back, spread your arms in a “T” position and raise your legs straight into the air. Slowly move the legs towards the floor right to left, coming through the center arc each time. (25 reps)

3. Front delt raise – holding two dumbbells, raise your arms parallel to your shoulders and then lower them back down. (15 reps)

1. Cable kickbacks – With one knee on a bench, attach a cable to the opposite ankle and kickback, making sure you are engaging the glutes at the top of the kick (15 reps/leg)

2. Weighted pulse squats – Holding two barbells at your shoulders, get into the lowest squat you can manage while maintaining form and pulse (25 reps)

3. Sprints – On a treadmill, run as fast as you can for 1 minute.

1. Hip Abduction – On hip abduction machine, open hips outward against resistance with a small pulse at the widest open position (20 reps)

2. Ball pass crunch – lying flat on a bench with your arms stretched over your head and legs straight, hold a large exercise ball. Raise your shoulders and your legs, and pass the ball over your head, and grab between your calves, squeezing with your inner thigh and return to the original flat, stretched out position. Raise legs and arms to pass the ball back overhead. (15 reps)

3. Upright rows – with hands a little narrower than shoulder width, grab a cable with a bar and pull up so that hands are in line with shoulders and elbows are splayed. (15 reps)

1. Calf raises – holding a cable, do calf raises on left, calf raises on right, and then calf raises with both legs (15 reps each)

2. Side raises – holding two dumbbells, keep a bend in the elbows raise arms to sides until hands are in line with your shoulders. (15 reps)

3. Helix – 1 minute. If you don’t have access to a helix, use a treadmill, bike or stairstepper; something you can go all out on for 1 minute.

Hope you’ll give this workout a try! I’m trying out Spin for the first time tonight to try and mix up my cardio, so I’ll let you know how that goes…

The week is half over! Happy humpday 🙂


4 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday – Circuits with Pictures!

      • Oh I’m positive you could train yourself – but I think it would be awesome to have a trainer to work with who would kick my ass when I try and talk myself out of doing things I hate or am not good at lol.

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