No, I’m not in FL, nor does all I want to do involve rather violent onomatopoeia.

I’ve simply dropped off the face of the known blogging world!

The past week or so at work has stayed pretty freakin’ busy, then I was feeling under the weather Friday, and came back to another packed work schedule.

Here’s some eats that have been happening…




peach-blueberry crumble pie




scrambled egg + egg whites, turkey bacon, fresh rye toast and homemade strawberry-lavendar jam

What else have I been doing besides stuffing my face?

  • Bar hopping in Hollywood
  • Studying my PT
  • Talking to important people
  • Choosing my birthday trip
  • Starting a bootcamp
  • Playing softball:

this is what happens when I try to play sports…

So, working out with that thing has been rather difficult, but I’ve been pushing through. As I mentioned above, I’m starting a bootcamp that is set to begin next week, so hopefully the leg will heal up by then.

Also I’ll hopefully have more time to fill you in on my life and share these recipes!

Live in LA and want to know more about my bootcamp? Leave a comment!


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