and so it begins…

Started the Whole30 this morning!

Although I already screwed up a little; not majorly, but I reversed my pre-/post- workout meals. Oops. That’s what tomorrow is for.

To kick things off, let’s take a look at yesterday’s very UNpaleo lunch:


mixed salad with avocado dressing, leftover meatball calzone, iced coffee with truvia and (hiding in the bag) a vegan chocolate chip cookie

It was all REAL good, despite how much of a carb hangover I’ve had since the FIRST serving of calzone Monday night… I’m sure my beer, PB sandwich and chocolate bar dinner last night helped, right?


As I said before, I kinda screwed up pre/post workout meals, but before hitting the gym I had some turkey breast and some pickles, along with my Traditional Medicines Detox Tea (re: newly obsessed)

At the gym today I decided to try lifting since it’s been about a week and a half (can I get a communal groan?). I had been looking at the Stronglifts 5×5 plan, but then Martha turned me on the the Whole9 603 PTP plan and my brain-wheels started a’turnin. I did sort of a weird hybrid I suppose…

Warmed up by doing a few circuits on the nautilus machines and I DEFINITELY lost some strength in my week off. Did some easy assisted pull ups and dips, but I should’ve pushed myself harder. I wanted to save it for the good stuff:

Squats, Deadlifts, and Pendlay rows

Okay, I know I was supposed to bench press…. but I like deadlifts and rows better. I’ll bench tomorrow. ANYWAY… turns out my squats are a LOT stronger than I thought (95) and my deadlifts are weaker than I thought (65) and my rows are kind of whatever (45). Logging stuff on Fitocracy again, probably will end up being just the lifting, but it’s a good place for me to reference it easily. (add me if you want! SexyFlexi)

Hopefully by August 31st those numbers will be substantially higher!

After my workout I nomed:


Spinach, avocado, 2 eggs + 1 egg white

See my mistake? Fat BEFORE Sam… CARBS after. Silly. I also had some black coffee. Don’t judge me.

Lunch was super tasty and enjoyed leisurely on my big girl lunch break, in the sunshine.


Raw broccolini and kale salad with avocado and lemon juice, rosemary chicken breast, cantaloupe and electrolyte water

SO good. I think I perhaps ate a little more than I needed to, but I was worried I would be tempted to snack. As it stands now, I feel like I should be fine until dinner. Burritos!

Kicked some ASS teaching bootcamp last night. I think my roommate may hate me… oops.

Your workout for today comes straight out of yesterday’s thigh circuit. It’s still summer afterall, and you don’t want saddle bags in your bikini, now do you?

Thigh Rotations

Get yourself into position like the chick above.

From the hip, make circles forward with your entire leg, 20 times.

Then go backwards 20 times.

Switch sides.

That’s one set.

Do 3-5 sets.

5 if you REALLY wanna hate me 😉

Happy Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “and so it begins…

  1. So… Your whole 30 is already making me so hungry. I knew you’d fancy it up into a gourmet masterpiece! Cookbook upon completion perhaps?
    I’m glad you liked the 603 – I really loved the concept of the buy ins and cash outs, and all the Crossfit workouts were ones that you can most likely complete in a commercial gym.
    I’m gonna go bomb some peeps on fitocracy now – I don’t even know what the point of that is, but I kind of can’t stop doing it.

    • sexyflexi says:

      haha we’ll see on the cookbook… right now I’ve really just been throwing stuff together, but I plan to get more creative…

      LOVING lifting right now, although my stupid finger is preventing me from gripping the bar well for benching; nearly killed myself this morning. Oops.

      • Well don’t do that! If you decapitate yourself your bench press will really suffer, I’m sure.
        Have you played around with different grips? It might not be as “powerful” in terms of drawing on more muscle grips but a false grip might be more comfortable? I don’t know. Just hurry up and get better!

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