On the Road Again

Hi friends!

It’s been a whole week; did you miss me? Let’s be real, a lot of you probably didn’t even notice.

Since I wrote last week’s controversial post, I’ve been in full documentary mode, putting the finishing touches on our Florida travel plans, and teaching some extra bootcamp classes to make up for my days out of town.

I flew down here Tuesday morning after a weekend of chock full of movies, Shakespeare, the rest of the Olympics and the beach (the boy catered to my every whim; I’m so spoiled) and a Monday full of workouts (2 classes, 1 weight lifting sesh). Yesterday we visited a pretty freakin awesome calorie testing lab (even though it was filled with Gators; wore my []_[] visor to be a pain in the ass) and today was an interview with health and wellness guru Dr. Al Sears, who has some great stuff to say about the necessity of fat in our diets.

Travel eats started off a little shaky when my airport shuttle showed up WAY earlier than I was expecting. If  you follow me on twitter or instagram, you would have seen my foray into the world of airport breakfast. Normally, I would go with Starbuck’s breakfast sans English muffin, but I somehow ended up in the lone terminal at LAX with no Starbucks. In hindsight, I should’ve gone the McDonald’s breakfast route, but I had high hopes for this Croissant place offering eggs and bacon. Too high of hopes, obviously. So I ate some weird, squishy eggs and half decent bacon, and drank some fairly bitter coffee. I was exonerated at my layover in Atlanta by DUNKIN DONUTS (thank you eastcoast) and a buffalo grilled chicken salad.

In Florida, my breakfasts have been omelets with veggies and meat, and black coffee; lunch yesterday was a tasty chicken spinach salad with green tea, and dinner was a bunless bacon burger with a side of sautéed escarole; lunch today was a Whole Foods mish mash of 1 chicken skewer, 1 shrimp skewer and a spinach, mushroom, beet and walnut salad.

Workouts have been pretty minimal… woke up this morning to venture into Marriott’s fitness room, luckily to be met with some weights, but their elliptical was kinda shitty, so I opted for hill/sprint intervals on the treadmill instead. Did squats with overhead press, one-legged deadlifts, side lunge to curtsey (below), hammer curls, bench press, skull crushers, reverse crunches and regular crunches, in addition to inclines (10-7-4.5-2-0) and sprints (6-8-9). I was pretty sweaty, so all in all, a decent little workout.

I’ve been pretty inspired by this trip to write some actual articles for you guys, so expect some edjamacation when I’m back on the westcoast.

Until then, I leave you with not one, but TWO exercises since I missed 2 workout Wednesdays in a row. The first is my new favorite to throw into a circuit, and the second is part of what I did with my advanced bootcamp Monday night (after making them run a mile, I might add). Have fun!

Side Lunge to Curtsy

Begin with feet about shoulder-width apart. Step out on your right foot into a deep side lunge, left leg extended, right thigh parallel to the floor.

As you raise up onto a straight leg, shift your weight into the left leg and cross your right leg behind as you curtsy down. Uncross back into a side lunge. That’s one rep. Do 10-15 and then switch sides

Crossfit Drill (it’s called something else, but I don’t remember; crossfitters, feel free to yell at/correct me)

Bodyweight crossfit! 3 exercises, 10 sets, diminishing reps (10-9-8-7….)

Try not to pause too much. Or vomit. Too much.


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