Work Out Wednesday

I’ve really been slackin’ you guys and I’m super sorry.

We’ve been clearing out the last bit of everything from the old office into the new one, so a lot of my workouts aside from 5x5s have been carrying heavy boxes up and down stairs, and scrubbing sinks, showers and toilets.

The glamorous life of living in Hollywood.

I’ve also been apartment hunting like crazy to move in with college friends and save some money… which involves LOTS of bike rides around NoHo.

I’m pooped!

Portland is this weekend for my birthday and I am BEYOND excited. Definitely need a getaway that doesn’t have to do with the movie or training or anything LA related. Just me, the boy and birds on things.

And pancakes. Don’t forget pancakes.

In my bootcamps I’ve been teaching some Insanity circuits and they seem to go over pretty well. I mean, my classes are falling over, whining and huffing and puffing, but they thank me for the soreness the next day, so I feel like it’s doing something right.

I highly recommend the program, and I LOVE teaching it; I just never had the motivation to do it myself in my living room. Just gotta find your thing I guess!

So my workout move of the day is a new favorite of mine that tones and gets heart rate up. So grab a mat and hop around!

Up and Overs

Start at the top of a push-up position. With your legs together, brace your abs and kick your legs to the right, bending them so your feet land just outside your right shoulder. Hop back to start and immediately repeat on the left side. Continue hopping from side to side for one minute.
Not sure if I’ll post tomorrow, but rest assured, between sight seeing and food, Portland will likely yield a BUNCH of posts! So stay tuned. And stay sweaty.


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