Oregon Birthday – Day 1

Breitenbush Birthday 2012

Well, I’m officially old!

Okay, I’m 23, but I feel old.

My birthday trip to Oregon was pretty incredible. The morning of my birthday we woke up early (re: 3:30am) to get down to LAX… only to discover all the seats on our connecting flight were going to be full.

So the boy made a quick decision, bought us new tickets and drove us to Burbank airport so we’d get to Portland before noon. He’s kind of amazing.

After landing in Portland, we grabbed some lunch (burger and salad for me!) and then drove with our new friend Jeanna down to the Breitenbush Retreat. Jeanna is a staff member there and gave us all sorts of insider tips.

The grounds are beautiful and it’s incredibly secluded. There are two different areas for hot springs; natural ones and cement spiral pools, in addition to the multiple hiking trails, the labyrinth, the river, yoga and meditation classes, nature sanctuaries, and community library and lodge where they serve a vegetarian buffet for each meal.

We started the evening with a 3.5 mile hike; so incredible (pics below). We were going at a pretty good clip, even though we stopped for a lot of pictures. Definitely worked off my burger!

Dinner was an assortment of root vegetables with a strange nut pate for protein.

After dinner we spent about 2.5 total hours exploring the hot springs. Naked. Yup, I let it all hang out, and while I was hesitant and TERRIFIED at first… it was pretty awesome.

It was a blue moon that night and it lit up the whole place.

I even tried the cold water bath… twice! It really does clear your head and force you to let go. If you have an opportunity to try it out, I highly recommend it.

The next day brought some tasty breakfast (gluten free cereal, yogurt, eggs and miso soup), a quick stroll through the grounds and adventuring in the river, and a quick stop to the gift shop before driving back up to Portland… more adventure details to come!

left my mark on the meditative labyrinth

after a morning of travel, what better way to spend a birthday than a 3.5 mile hike up the side of a mountain?!

our eco-friendly cabin. heater was broken. we kept it warm 😉

a rare, face photo 🙂

beautiful green path

trekking the Breitenbush river in the morning

more gorgeous views




13 thoughts on “Oregon Birthday – Day 1

    • sexyflexi says:

      that’s what everyone asks! “did it rain?”
      apparently they’ve gotten very little rain this summer so I really lucked out 🙂

  1. Awesome! Did you get to venture around Portland much? I’ve lived here for four years now and still haven’t been to Breitenbush. This is a good reminder that I need to check it out. I know it’s wonderful and have heard nothing but good things! Happy belated, by the way 😉 And you’re not old … at all!!

    • sexyflexi says:

      I did! We spent two more days and a night up in PDX; I’m obsessed!
      Seriously, give it 5 years or so and I’m sure I’ll be living there.
      Definitely check out Breitenbush. We had a really great time; even the boy did, and he’s not even a hippie like me! haha

      • Awesome, glad you enjoyed Portland! I’ll get around to checking out Breitenbush one of these days and look forward to it, whenever that may be. Did you get a chance to eat at our paleo food cart, Cultured Caveman?

      • sexyflexi says:

        I didn’t, unfortunately. We were just talking about how we didn’t get the chance to hit any food carts :-/

        ate lunch from the grocery store before kayaking, snobby dinner and dessert, diners/driveins/dives breakfast, voodoo for lunch and dinner back at the airport; it was a whirlwind of eating!!! next time though, I’ll certainly be checking it out 🙂

  2. Oh to be young! I wish I was 23! Now I do really feel old at 35! And yay for you and your nakedness! Heheh, I never thought I would say such things, but I don’t know that I’m that brave. I’m pretty sure I’m not, me and my body are not so friendly, so ya. Glad you had a great Birthday! Happy Belated Birthday to you 🙂

    • sexyflexi says:

      psh 35 is the new 25 😉
      My body and I don’t talk, we’re on such bad terms. But the boy got naked… so I got naked. So much naked! haha

  3. fivereflections says:

    happy birthday – beautiful photos

    I lived in Salem, Oregon for a little while – it was awesome to travel around through the forest, the mountains, and the coast.

    David in Maine USA

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