Oregon Birthday – Day 2

My apologies for the delay between posts… I’ve been doing silly things…. like working.

Let’s move on to day 2 of Oregon, shall we?

We ventured back up to Portland! After a lovely drive, we wound up near PSU to drop the rental car off. We were decked out in UM gear in honor of the first game of the seasons, and some PSU football players passed by us. Their reaction was pretty priceless.

“The []_[]? What are they doing here??”

Psyching you out, apparently! Good times.

From there we caught a bus down to Portland kayak (the bus driver was the only rude person we encountered in our entire trip) and went in and asked for a tandem kayak

Which they were out of.

So I rowed my own kayak!!! And I didn’t fall out 🙂 I was very proud of myself.

It was a GORGEOUS freaking day…

Portland kayak adventure!

in the center of Ross Island

Stopped off to eat our lunch that we’d grabbed at Zupans, one of the few grocery stores we saw while in Portland.

It was tasty, but pretty expensive.

The boy fixing my foot things… I was too short to reach for the first 30 minutes of our trek!

We kayaked for about 2 hours total; went around Ross Island and back. It was pretty tiring, but super fun as well.

Then we caught public transit up to our hotel. Public transit in Portland is AMAZING. Between all the bike paths, signs for biking, bus/train options etc., it is my paradise.

Our hotel was really cool…

The White Eagle used to be a brothel and is supposedly haunted by dead whores… we didn’t encounter any, to my knowledge. It was still really cool. It’s one of the many hotels owned by McMenamins, and is also across the street from Widmer Brother’s Brewery. I didn’t drink beer from either place since I’ve recently accepted my intolerance to all things gluten and knew I would be eating pancakes and voodoo doughnuts the next day…

So much beer! I didn’t drink any.

Instead, we went on a walk up to the Mississippi Ave district…

Recycled tool fence

There was a cool furniture place that had recycled materials, an awesome coffee store where you could roast your own beans that we opted to get a cheese making from kit instead, some cool clothing shops, cute coffee shops (tried Stumptown for the first time… yum!) and finally: The Liberty Glass

It was a really cool (cash only) bar in a house with a very nice bartender. I got the house pear kombucha with vodka, which was really delicious and refreshing. The boy got some rootbeer something (?) that actually tasted quite a bit like rootbeer. And no sales tax got us out of there for 9 bucks!

Then we hurried back to the hotel so we could get fancy for dinner…

favorite pic of the trip!

the outfit I told you all about!

The boy got some drinks from downstairs while I was finishing up. I tried the McMenamin’s hard cider while I curled my hair and listened to Bill Burr.

Dinner was at Paley’s Place, and even though they didn’t have lamb like they were supposed to, we made do with:

Brooks Riesling

Chef’s Pick Cheese Plate

Pork Loin



and the Chocolate Confections, which they brought out with a candle while the boy half-sang me happy birthday 🙂

It was all good, but SUPER snobby, which made me feel like a little kid and I liked that…

Oh, and the chef won Iron Chef! Cool, right?!

After that, we had a SECOND dessert at Papa Haydn because I NEEDED a slice of cake. Obviously. We got the chocolate truffle cake and it was INSANELY good. White, dark AND milk chocolate mousses between layers of fluffy cake…. yum! I had it with some decaf coffee, which they were VERY on top of keeping filled at all times…

And they were nice enough to call us a cab so we could get over to the Secret Society Lounge!

It was really cool and definitely embodies the name. They’re known for their absinthe, but I went with a Blood and Sand as I preferred to remember my birthday, but it was still a good choice!

After our drink in the swanky lounge, we had a lovely walk back to the White Eagle where we had a couple more drinks, and I met my favorite bartender ever. The boy told me I even told her I loved her. I’m guessing I was just projecting. I plea the 5th 😉

I had the Kentucky Coffee and the Penney’s Sidewalk; both delish!

rounding out the night…

Then we went upstairs.

And went straight to bed 😉

Stay tuned for the last day’s adventures!

(my apologies for the lack of food pictures… it was really dark in these places!)


5 thoughts on “Oregon Birthday – Day 2

  1. Funny, the White Eagle is just down the road from my house! You were so close to me! That place is supposedly haunted, did you know that? Yes, note of caution for next time, Zupan’s is very spendy. Opt for New Seasons or Whole Foods on your next visit. Looks like you had an awesome time 😉

    • sexyflexi says:

      crazy! and we were hoping for ghosts, but didn’t see any 😉

      I had googled Zupan’s and saw that is was supposed to be expensive, but the bus for the kayak place dropped us off there and we wanted something quick to bring to picnic with… birthday $$! haha

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