Oregon Birthday – Day 3

And after much waiting, so brings our final day in Portland…

Checked out of the hotel after sleeping in a little later than we planned and then brought our bags to Union Station so we didn’t have to carry them around all day.

Found a time machine on the way there!

Too bad it couldn’t have given me more time in Portland. Le sigh.

Our bags dropped off, we headed hugrily to the Pearl District for breakfast at Byway’s Cafe!

It was featured on Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives, so we had to 🙂

I got their famous blue corn pancakes:

And another blueberry on the side:

And I’m glad I did because it was the best blueberry pancake I’ve ever eaten! Don’t get me wrong, the blue corn weren’t bad, but they were definitely different, and after a month of no pancakes, the sweet, cinnamon-vanilla blueberry-filled cake was EXACTLY what I wanted. And Stumptown coffee.

Please send Stumptown coffee.

Needing to work off our breakfast, we tackled our long itinerary:

Saturday Market

and Sunday too!

This place was HUGE! Not sure what I was expecting, but this was like a craft fair/flea market/farmer’s market on CRACK. Originally I thought we would spend 3o minutes passing through, but we could have easily spent the day.

Luckily there were some good photo ops nearby…

As well as another item on our to-do:

Voodoo Doughnuts!

I tried the vegan dirty old bastard and the vegan diablo rex

Another photo op while waiting in line…

My obsession with Portlandia was appeased by seeing this building while in Skidmore!

After our long awaited donut purchase, we kept it moving.

A trip to Mill’s End Park

Yup, that little circle is the park… how fun is that?! Thanks to the dude on the bike who offered to take our picture. People in Portland are so damn friendly!

After our park excursion, we walked to OMSI.

Now, when I say walk, this was an ADVENTURE. There’s a path along the river that takes you across the bridge and along a bike/pedestrian path that takes you RIGHT TO THE MUSEUM. From the other side of the river! I can’t get over how foot traffic friendly this city is.

OMSI was awesome; way too huge to try and tackle in only a couple hours, and our fascination with the fun sciency things caused us to miss out on tasting on distillery row (sorry babe!), though I suppose it’s good to leave things for next time…

After a train ride to the airport, I ate what was one of the best burgers of my life.

I was too hungry by the time they brought it to us to take a picture, but this baby was perfectly medium rare, had “avocado salsa,” bacon, cheese, a spicy mustard aoli, lettuce, tomato and caramelized onions. And yes, I got it with fries. Needless to say, this was not diet friendly, and in fact, my stomach decided to be just as upset with being back in Los Angeles as my brain was.

I’ve spent the past week or so detoxing/coming back from this foray into gluten and heavy carbs. There have been many workouts, and a LOT of tea. Should be ready to jump back into real life soon.


The dreams of the 90s are alive in Portland


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