Making A Comeback

So I even though in my porn post I said I wouldn’t stop posting food pictures completely, I kinda stopped taking them for my own mental health reasons, and thereby had none to post.

I’m happy to report to you that I’m slowly climbing back on the bandwagon.

Maybe it’s because I’m starting a new job and times they are a’changin?

Whatever it is, I have a post filled with yummy pics and recipes, all while still recapping my day; fun right?!

So yesterday I got to sleep in a bit. I’m training for my new job, but didn’t have to be there until noon, so I enjoyed a pre-workout pumpkin smoothie…


pumpkin smoothie: 1 cup carrot juice, 1/4 cup pumpkin puree, 1 tsp molasses, handful spinach, handful ice, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

I put in a solid two hour workout since I had the time… reminded me of the good ole college days. 1 hour resistance training (including heavy lifting), 1 hour cardio, lots of sweat.

Did my squats, some power cleans to press, bench press and other random arm stuff. Realized my rear delts are starting to over-develop in comparison to my front delts and chest, so my shoulders are constantly forced into a slouch… working on that.

Then put in 50 minutes of interval training on the elliptical. I’m a huge fan of the “cross country” circuit which will change not only the incline and resistance, but will also tell you to switch up between forward and backward.

After my workout it was time for lunch.


Gluten-free buffalo chicken pizza, mixed green salad, green apple, water in my spiffy bottle, and also some pumpkin spice coffee (not pictured)

Ate over at the Coffee Bean, where they brewed me a fresh pot of pumpkin spice even though they don’t normally serve it after 11. I’m spoiled.

The pizza was left over from the night before and is super easy to make… we just bought the Udi’s frozen gluten free pizza, but I recommend making your own from a gluten free dough mix (we have before) as it was kinda meh.

For the toppings, we doctored up some regular tomato sauce, sauteed up some chicken breast in salt and pepper, thinly sliced some Trader Joe’s mozzarella, I added a handful of chopped spinach, then we doused the top in Frank’s… and after about 10 minutes at 425, healthy buffalo chicken pizza is made!

Training went well… did some modules, studied the foot, had MY foot studied (I’ve been wearing the wrong sneakers for running) and took some inventory.

After that I biked back towards the boy’s apartment, but studied at Republic of Pie while he got his workout in.


today’s bootcamp circuit, my ACE flashcards and an almond milk latte

Love Republic of Pie because they have almond milk… but THEN saw after I ordered that they also offer coconut and hazelnut milk! If that wasn’t enough, they are also now offering Stumptown Coffee!!!! Next time for sure.

Speaking of beverages, tried this brand over the weekend…


Some car/van thing was actually handing these out in Portland while we were there. I tried the diet green tea, and the unsweetened English tea. I definitely preferred the unsweetened, though the tea flavor in both of them could be a lot stronger.

Finally, I bring you the best part of this post, and being that it’s National Burger Day, it’s all too appropriate…


Pulled Pork Burger

Those of you on the west coast might have seen the Carl’s Jr. commercial of the two hot chicks fighting for grill space and creating this monstrosity known as the “Memphis BBQ Burger.” However, I don’t eat at Carl’s Jr, and quite frankly don’t even like BBQ very much, but the boy wanted to make a healthy-ish version, so we gave it a go.

We bought grass fed beef and the Trader Joe’s pulled pork. Yes, if we’d made our own pulled pork with a low/no-sugar BBQ sauce it would have been even healthier, but we were also trying to save some time. I made my own crispy onions…

  • onions, very thinly sliced
  • milk/egg wash
  • 2 T breadcrumbs
  • 2 T gluten free flour
  • salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder

toss lightly in olive oil and bake at 450 for 10-15 minutes or until brown and crispy

I lightly toasted a gluten free hamburger bun. Put on a perfectly grilled patty with melted organic monterey jack cheese on top. Added a scoop of pork. Sprinkled on some onions. May have added a few dashes of hot sauce for good measure. And finally, devoured.

I’ve never been much for pulled pork, but this was DAMN good. Still not the healthiest of meals, but definitely a much better option than the fast food counterpart.

Still had enough macros left for a glass of wine and some chocolate to round out my meal. It was a very good day of eating.

What are you doing for National Burger Day?


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