Thinking Thursday

Inspired by Martha’s “What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday” in conjunction with my musings in my time away from you all (did you miss me??), I’ve concocted a brief and to the point life update on what I’ve been doing, what I plan on doing, and flashback to what I never want to do again.

What I’ve Been Doing

For me, fall means pumpkins

and football…

and LOTS of both.

I’ve been drinking pumpkin smoothies, baking pumpkin cookies (like these, but healthier and gluten free… recipe to come!) and discovering that pumpkin lattes are now too sweet for me to enjoy 😦

I’ve also been watching a lot of football; luckily the Canes are doing well, because the Pats (my team) and the Eagles (his team) really sucked last week.

What I Plan on Doing

Two of my favorite blogging women inspire me on a daily basis, so I’m finally taking a page out of each of their sexy-body books.

I started following Jennifer over at From Wine to Weightlifting around the time she finished NROLFW, so today I bought it and am revamping my routine.

And as you already know, I link over to Martha all the freakin’ time, because she’s kick ass, strong and super hot. Plus, we now (likely) share the inability to eat gluten without feeling like shit (literally) so I feel an even deeper connection. Despite this love/hate relationship with gluten, the hate is REALLY getting the upperhand lately, so I gotta make a change. That being said, I also want a hot bod like Martha, so I’m looking into carb backloading. That means pancakes!!!

Plus, Arnold is all about it, so it can’t be wrong.

What I Never Want to Do Again

As many of you loyal readers may know, I often get frustrated with my weight loss progress (or lack thereof) and my struggle with overeating and bulimia. Often times, I remember how I used to look in college and yearn for those days of when I thought I was “hot.” What I tend to block out of my mind though, is just how out of shape I was when I first got out here, and how far I’ve come.

Fun fact: yesterday marks a year from when I did my first interview for Why Am I So Fat?

Which means… before pictures.

WARNING: If you’ve said you don’t want to see me fat, don’t look. You’ve been warned.



So that’s me around 150lbs. Mind you, I’m 5’1″ and had lost all muscle tone at that point, so it’s a very fleshy 150.

Now? Still 5’1″ but I haven’t weighed myself in a long while. I know I’ve gained a ton of muscle, and while I’m not at my goal weight, I’ve lost about 3 sizes, and sometimes feel downright sexy.

8/2012 (yes, I already posted this pic… I look the same, unfortunately)

I’m also still struggling with that whole bulimia thing. It’s certainly not as bad as it was, but some days are easier than others. I think my biggest issue is not drinking enough water, and saving too many calories for night time. I’ll be adding more protein and fat into my lunches/snacks and after the initial 10-day preparation, perhaps be adding in carbs at night. We’ll see…


What about you? What have you been doing/thinking about/don’t want to go back to? Any burning questions you want me to answer?


3 thoughts on “Thinking Thursday

  1. You are too awesome 🙂
    Thanks for the shout out – and I think it’s crucial to post fat pics every now and again. It makes you feel good about yourself – and it should!
    Here’s to all our progress and future success!

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