September Foodie Penpals

Foodie penpals time again! You’ll have to excuse the brevity of my post, as I’m having to write it from my phone.

This month I made an effort to have actual correspondence with my penpals. I realize that I should’ve been doing this from the beginning, but I’m not very good at keeping in touch with family, let alone internet strangers.

But this month I decided to talk more about likes and dislikes, hobbies, lifestyles, exercise habits etc. to get a good idea of what to send and to help my penpal with my restrictions (gluten free, sugar free and small portions)

My penpal this month was Shera and she did an AMAZING job with my my restrictions and found some PERFECT snacks and treats for me!!!


What I got:

  • raspberry pomegranate tea
  • spicy pumpkin seeds
  • pineapple crispy fruit
  • apple crispy fruit
  • pink guava coconut water
  • apple fruit strip
  • mocha marble crunch (AKA chocolate coffee crack)
  • organic chili flakes
  • agave nectar
  • raspberry and blueberry lolibars
  • sun crystals

So I only opened my package last night, but I’ve already INHALED the mocha marble crunch; think mixed nuts with chocolate drops, while chocolate nuggets and dark chocolate covered espresso beans. AMAZING. Brought some spicy pumpkin seeds to have with my snack today; perfect timing as I am prepping to carb backload and won’t be having carbs for the next 10 days. Which means no bars as snacks and no apples either. Pumpkin seeds and hardboiled eggs it is! Shera works for a company called Snack Healthy which is where done of this deliciousness comes from. You should check it out, and follow Shera on twitter!

What I sent my penpal: chocolate Power Crunch bar,  M&W Granola and Pumpkin Spice almonds, organic pinto beans, tortillas, rice noodles, Asian rice snacks, Annie’s Bunny Graham Friends, pistachio nut clusters, a raw banana bread snack bar and some Mexican and Thai recipes 🙂
Here’s what Julie had to say:
First of all, that granola is delicious! I cannot stop eating it, but I’m trying to eat it a little at a time so as to save it. This plan is not going well. I also dug right into that chocolate power bar. I usually try to eat snacks a small amount at a time, so I still have half of it left. These goodies will be perfect to take to work with me. I work at schools all over the valley and I usually eat in the car, so snacks fill up my day rather than full, sit down meals.  I am so excited to try out the recipes you sent me. I want to try the enchiladas first. It sounds like a great fall recipe. You really did such a wonderful job and I truly appreciate the effort that went into this package!

Foodie penpals is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it. Wanna join in?

Click here


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