So I’ve been doing some thinking, and this blog might be in for some changes.

Nothing too major, don’t panic.

I started this blog (originally on tumblr) shortly after my two year adventure in veganism was coming to an end. I was sure I would still stick to a more plant based diet and in an effort to try and keep my vegan friends from hating me, I chose to define myself as a flexitarian.

While this stayed fairly accurate for a little while, my regular readers know that I am now far from resembling a part time vegetarian in any way. I eat plenty of animal products and on a regular basis. Yes, I do choose to make these sources as organic and sustainable as possible, but no matter what way you look at it, animal products are animal products. So “flexi” in that sense is no longer super fitting. I’ve tried to rationalize it in my head as the flexi now referring more to being flexible as a person in you’re physical and mental health, but now the “sexy” is getting in the way.

See, “sexy” is what triggered my bulimia to begin with. Sexy began as operation “get jacked” and soon turned into “holy crap I need to lose weight as fast as possible so people will find me attractive.”

“Sexy” was what turned Halloween last year into my first big binge/purge experience.

“Sexy” is what continues to fuel my negative thinking that I will never be good enough.

So even though I’ve managed to think of a way to make the flexi work, sexy has no place on my road to better health.

Thus, this blog will be getting a name change. To be fair, I don’t have a ton of readers, so I don’t think the change will be super noticeable. Hell, maybe I can even get MORE readers with this change and finally apply to one of my many favorite blogging networks.

This will remain a health, food and fitness blog, no worries there. But the emphasis will be on achieving these things in a healthy, positive way instead of trying to label everything. I’m done trying to fit my life into a pretty, structured box.

Yes, I want to be attractive so I can have a successful acting career, but I’ve finally reached a point where the only person I care about thinking I’m sexy is my boyfriend.

A year ago, my life was a hot mess. I worked in a strip club. I was half living out of a car. My bipolar was at its peak. I had zero self worth. I was overweight, lonely and unhappy.

That’s not my life anymore. In fact, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I’m healthy, I’m strong, I’m taking control of my bipolar and I’m going to overcome this ED. The way I see it, Life is Bangin’


stay tuned…


5 thoughts on “BANG!

  1. says:

    Just know that you have a support system in all of us readers. You need anything you just let me know. Be strong and know that you are worth all of the effort you put forward.

  2. elaine says:

    This makes me happy… and not gonna lie, mayyyy have made me cry a lil. YOU ARE WORTH IT… ALL OF IT. and you are always ENOUGH!!!!!!

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