October ABCs – Part 1

I was inspired by the amazing Martha over at Whatup Chickenbutt to create an ABC list of goals for October. Since this blog move is already a huge step for me, I decided to tackle the whole alphabet! October is a long month… here’s some to start 🙂

Affirmations – one post a week will be dedicated to positive affirmations
– already prepping right now to try out carb backloading. That’s right; eating Arnold Style to get ripped. Excited to see what kind of results I get!
Cut back on coffee
– Coffee is fine in moderation; in fact, they say a cup before training can be beneficial. However, I’ve taken my love of coffee a bit too far, and I think it’s affecting my energy levels, digestion, and wallet. More tea, more water, less coffee.
Dent my debt
– I’m finally getting all my finances in order, and it’s time to start really buckling down and paying my way out of debt from credit cards, medical bills and student loans.
Exercise Posts
– my fitness routine and workout related posts have been seriously lacking; time to step up my game!
Food Porn
– I went on a food porn hiatus for a while, which included a decrease in the number of recipe posts as well… expect food porn to make a comeback.
Gluten Free
– I’ve known for a LONG while now that gluten and I are not friends, but I’ve continued to hang out with it anyway. Enough is enough. I’m sick of feeling sick, I’m tired of being bloated, and I want to have a clear enough head to lift heavy and see results. So long gluten.

Parts 2 and 3 will be up later this week! Stay tuned 🙂


One thought on “October ABCs – Part 1

  1. Yay for your cutback on coffee! And I say this more for selfish reasons than for concern over your health 😛 I am pretty sure it was one or two of your instagram posts that made me start craving it last month.

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