Hi all! One of my October goals is to have a positive, uplifting post each week that will have quotes and graphics, and if I can find people, perhaps even success/recovery stories from some featured bloggers.

This month, I am really focusing on recovery and beating my ED so I can get to living real life!

For the next 30 days, I am holding myself accountable. For every 7 days I do not relapse, $20 goes into my savings account to be spent on me. If I relapse, any money in my savings account will get transferred to Sallie Mae to pay off my loans.

While some people may think this is not enough of a “lose” to motivate me, I assure you, the prospect of being able to tune up my bike or buy new clothes is a way more positive encouragement than having to battle the negative stress of “potentially losing money.” While punishment type, negative consequence things might work for some people, my life always needs more positivity.

So when you see me rockin’ some new duds, you’ll know I’m in a happy place 🙂

I deserve respect, and communicate boundaries in my relationships to help create healthy communication skills.

I accept anxiety will happen, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming; I can breathe and find balance.

I am MORE than enough.


3 thoughts on “Affirmations

  1. I hate student loans! 😛 I will be paying them off forever!

    Love the positive attitude though! You need to enjoy life while we’re here! And if you’re like me, probably take those student loans to the grave.. hehe.

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