October ABCs – Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my October ABCs, inspired by Martha! I’ve also posted a couple old pics; think of this as a brand new “get to know me!”

Hit some balls – softballs that is! I joined the co-ed league the boy plays on and my skills definitely need some work! Planning on hitting the batting cages and focusing at practice to make sure I’m not the red-headed step-child of the team; I’d like to be the red-headed chick that can hit the ball instead 😉
Ice cream
– the boy and I always joke that we have the ice cream maker and never use it; plus I always want ice cream! Now that I’ll be carb backloading I can have it. Time to make more ice cream!
– I was getting pretty good at jumprope when I was working with my trainer, but that’s kind of fallen by the wayside. As an effort to get in different kinds of cardio, I’m going to start jumproping as a warm-up to my NROLFW program.

– the boy and I are currently brewing our first batch up beer together, but since I’m trying to be good and fix my digestion by not having gluten, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to enjoy. I’d like to brew my own kombucha, as it would be more cost effective, and have benefits for my tummy!
– I’d love to hit some PRs while doing the NROLFW; I’ll be sure to update when I do!
– at first I thought I’d like to meditate once a day, and while that sounds nice in an ideal world, I just don’t have the patience to do this everyday. Let’s say once a week instead. I’ll definitely let you know how this goes; I’ve always been terrible at meditation, but since I’m trying to positively influence all aspects of my health, my emotional/”spiritual” self needs some love too.
Overcome bulimia
– my last post kind of covered this, but just to reiterate: OCTOBER IS THE MONTH TO TAKE MY LIFE BACK FROM MY ED!

Post more
– ’nuff said
Quit forcing things
– while working on moving into tripod, my yoga instructor said “Stop trying to force it; you’re going to get better results if you just relax into it and let it happen.” I thought that was a good life metaphor.

Run more
– I started working at a running store, but I haven’t run since my half in April. I have no interest in becoming a runner, but logging a few miles a week would be good for my endurance.

Only one more installment and then my month goals are complete! What goals are you working on? Stealing any of mine?



4 thoughts on “October ABCs – Part 2

  1. Please let me know how the kombucha brewing goes if you do it!! I’d love to do it myself, but I’m completely grossed out by the process.. lol. However, I do not like paying $3.79 for a bottle of the Cosmic Cranberry deliciousness!

  2. Love the new look, new name, and new attitude of you and the blog. Well done.

    We all battle our demons every day. Know that you are an inspiration to many more than you think you are. Never stop. There is no finish line.

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