October ABCs – Part 3

A quick little post to finish up my goals…

Went to Jason Mraz/Christina Perri at the Hollywood Bowl last night and it was pretty spectacular. Got to hear some of my favorite songs and enjoy the cool weather and beautiful stars with my favorite person. Jason Mraz always inspires me; his positivity and energy fill me up with good vibes and renew my passion for life. Cheesy, I know, but the heart and soul of all his songs is just that: heart and soul; loving yourself and those around you. Love the love!

Submit myself to at least 1 audition/day – since I’m trying to get back in the game, I need to stay on it. I haven’t gotten my new headshots done yet, so I can’t do my agent/casting director mailings, but I can still attempt to get my foot in the door!
– I’ve really dropped the ball on my personal training studying. Now that I’m settling into my new job and lifting schedule, I plan to schedule times during the week committed to studying and review! Certification by the end of the year is the goal!
Underwear pics!
– okay, I really mean progress pics, but this way sounds more exciting. And since I need new underwear anyway (specifically sports bras and socks…), perhaps this will motivate me to buy some cool stuff!
– I love vegetables, but I have definitely not been eating enough of them. And even the ones I do eat, I eat the same ones ALL THE FREAKING TIME. More veggies Sam!
– I drink way too much coffee and not enough water. Aiming for 64oz/day!
– more of this.
– at least once a week.
– aiming for 7 hrs a night!

Still working on NROLFW; jammed my finger last night because I was impatient waiting for the barbell rack (I’m getting really sick of these dudes lifting lighter than me hogging the rack while they pause 2 FREAKING MINUTES between sets) but I managed to up some of the stuff. Excited for this prep period to be over so I can consume carbs again!!!

Any fun plans this weekend? New things to try? Concerts to go to?

Happy Saturday! Enjoy some Jason and love yourself 🙂


4 thoughts on “October ABCs – Part 3

    • sambangs says:

      Hey! Studying for ACE… there’s SO MUCH information to try and absorb!!!
      SO in love with yoga. I wish I could afford to study at a proper studio, but the class at the 24hour is decent, and I’ve been taking long enough to guide myself through a 60 minute session if I’d rather go to the park or something.

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