My Body Hurts

So I’m in my second week of NROLFW and I’m loving it. I don’t think I’ve lost weight, but I feel like I’m getting stronger and some areas are starting to tighten up. I definitely hadn’t been eating enough and my protein intake was WAY low, so that could be messing with results…

Re-tooled some things and even though I ended up not eating enough yesterday (which resulted in a delicious “dessert” of coconut cream, almond butter and pumpkin cream cheese), I think I have it figured out from here. I start my carb backloading Wednesday and my heart skips a beat when I think about those peanut butter Puffins waiting for me in the cabinet 🙂

Thought about doing some yoga before work this morning, but I kicked my butt in the gym yesterday and didn’t want to push it; I’d rather hit PRs on my lifts tomorrow and I’m still biking and teaching today, so there will be enough residual movement.

Why did yesterday suck so hard? I implemented a tabata warm up and jumproping. That’s right, I’m no hypocrite.

Warm Up: Tabata treadmill sprints

Circuit: Squats, One-Legged Push-Ups, Rows, Step Ups, Jackknives (for reps/weight click here), with jumprope during each rest period.

Cool Down: 20 minute cross-country elliptical intervals (plus 3 mile bike to work)

What have I got to show for it? I’m glad you asked.




(please excuse my attempt at a “tough” face; working on that too)

So overall, I think I’m looking a little better from August, but definitely not yet where I want to be. This is definitely a journey.

I’m also trying to be careful not to transfer my ED back to exercise bulimia, cause I’ve been there done that, and it’s not much better.

Hence, no yoga this morning. I’m learning.

Other exciting news? I got a new bike!


She’s a beaut! Schwinn, hybrid style, so thinner tires and lighter frame, which means I get places SO.MUCH.FASTER. and with ease. Adjusted the seat and handlebars and everything. fizzhogg would be proud 🙂

Now she just needs a name…


6 thoughts on “My Body Hurts

    • sambangs says:

      thanks! It’s going well; it’s nice to have a set plan when I go in the gym. I spend so much time planning my bootcamps that I rarely sit down and draw something up for myself 🙂

  1. LJ ;) says:

    Loving that bike picture. I really need to look in to the back loading. I just haven’t had time. Grrr. You’re doing great girl. Xo

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