I'm An Adult

That’s what I said when my boyfriend commented on the fact that I was drinking wine with my bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins. Never mind the fact that I’d had my own personal pizza for dinner, roughly the size of one of those gross, microwavable Totino’s.


Ener*G gluten free crust with arugula, mozzarella and buffalo turkey

When it comes to carbs, my tastes are only slightly more refined than those of a pre-pubescent boy. I like ‘em cheesy, salty, sweet and in HUGE quantities.

I can’t remember the last time I ate Puffins. They were kind of my drunk go-to in college, but that’s not really saying much as I rarely drank. I can vaguely remember sitting on the floor of a friend’s apartment with a box of this cereal, making a slight mess all over the floor…

Okay, it was a huge mess. And I’m pretty sure I was stone cold sober.

I repeat: I’m an adult!


peanut butter Puffins and Gewurztraminer

Woke up this morning with the distinct carb hangover fog, but I noticed that it dissipated really quickly once I got up and got moving. Having my coffee with coconut cream and waiting on real breakfast until cortisol levels go down.

Wanting something to put my delicious pumpkin cream cheese on, I consulted the blogosphere and happened across Wine to Weightlifting’s blogger recommendation of the Freckled Lifter, a fellow NROLFW bad ass. She just HAPPENED to post something called a pumpkin omelette quite recently. I’m calling it fate.


pumpkin omelette with pumpkin cream cheese

My picture doesn’t really do it justice and I think I might finally suck it up and start taking pictures with a real camera, but this gives you a decent idea (of how poorly I shape my omelettes, amirite??).

The recipe is super simple: pumpkin and eggs (amounts on her post), and then I added a pinch of sweetener and a heaping handful of pumpkin pie spice. And, you know, that dollop of pumpkin cream cheese.

I know, I know, not paleo and not even remotely healthy, but it’s fall! And Trader Joe’s has tempted me!

Speaking of sweetener, has anyone else tried this?


The main sweetener is monk fruit (luo han guo) which is also in my favorite protein bars, but it also has sugar alcohol, sugar, and molasses in it, which makes me slightly suspicious of how it has zero calories…it’s sweet, but not bitter like stevia, and the boy seems to actually tolerate it so that’s a bonus. It’s definitely cheaper than stevia and tastes better in my coffee. It’s similar to stevia in the sense that a little goes a long way; the package says ¼ tsp = 1 tsp of white sugar, and I’m finding that to be pretty accurate. So far I’ve used it in ice cream, pancakes, coffee, the boy’s cookies and my omelette, and I have no complaints, unless I’ve mistakenly added to much, in which case, it’s a sicky-sweet mess. So I’d definitely recommend it to stevia haters out there looking to cut some sugar out of their diet!

And finally, because you’ve now been bombarded with food, it’s time to make you sweat with something other than food lust. Here’s your WOD for Thursday! You’re welcome 😉

Warm Up: 2 Tabatas, your choice

Workout: At Home Barre (my bootcamp will be doing this outside using a big parking gate, so you can too!)

Cool Down: Some sun salutations and gentle stretching.

Get happy; It’s almost Friday!!!


2 thoughts on “I'm An Adult

  1. I did a pumpkin #Fail today.. hehe.. I usually crack three eggs into my little corningware soup mug before I leave for work, then do a microwave scramble. Thinking of Alex’s super yummy looking omelette, I threw in a half a cup of pumpkin (and two eggs). Then loaded it up with what I thought was a lot of pumpkin pie spice. Bleh.. definitely need to keep the egg/egg white ratio down. It was like eating pumpkin eggs.. not like eating something tasty. Ick. I had to eat it to get my calories. *shudder*.. not a happy pumpkin experience! 🙂

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