WOD Wednesday

Into week 5 of NROLFW and things are going swimmingly. Even though I deloaded to start the program to make sure my form was correct, I’m back up to 150 on my squats.

I freaking love squats!!!

Today was a squat day.

Still not feeling my deadlifts. Clearly my back muscles are not proportional to my gigantic thighs.

Oh well, pushing through…

Because I love squats so much, I make most of my clients do them as well.

Unfortunately, their form is not always great.

Training a friend of mine this morning, I had to deload him down about 20# to get him to straighten out his hips and keep the bar parallel.

His excuse? He would have done better using the guide.

bitch, PLEASE.

Squats are not rocket science. Yes, they can be hard. Damn hard.

They take focus, proper stretching  good posture and mastering of form and technique. But relying on the smith machine is not the way to go; that’s like bobbing around with floaties for years and years, and then taking them off and jumping into open water hoping to swim a triathlon. You will not learn that way! (If you learned to swim that way, props to you. I’m all about just throwing kids into the deep end of the pool. I’m still alive.)

Instead, figure out how to do it right, start with a lower weight (or no weight) and SQUAT.

Your challenge: 3 sets of 10 reps at 80%, and then one set AMRAP (as many reps as possible).

And make sure you have good form!!!


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