Jenn over at Wine to Weightlifting nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award the other day, and I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty darn flattered.

It’s hard to know if pouring my soul to the internet day in and day out has any impact on the world other than take up more bandwidth, but I like to hope I’m reaching someone, somewhere, struggling with the same stuff I’m facing right now.

I’ve done one of these an a couple Leibsters over on the old blog, but this seems like a really good way to break in this shiny new site, so thanks Jenn!

Jenn is the one that inspired me to start the NROLFW, and she just completed StrongLifts, so she’s kind of freaking amazing.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award entails giving your readers some insight into you, and nominating others to do the same. While this award is ever-changing, depending on whose site you are nominated from, I have been presented with the task of listing seven things about myself, then nominating 15 fellow blogs to do the same. Jenn thought 15 was a bit excessive, and it is to me too, so I went with 8.

1. Back in college, I had a short stint on Blogspot using this same URL. It’s pretty funny to read how desperately relevant I wanted to be…

2. I don’t currently have a license. No, it wasn’t taken away… I lost it a few months ago. Because I don’t drive anyway, and didn’t want to trek down and take the written test through the state of CA, I’m waiting to replace it in NH when I go home for Christmas.

3. I re-do my finances and budgets about three times a month… and NEVER stick to them. It’s basically just random pieces of notebook paper with numbers and dollar signs that I draw arrows on and scribble things out in the hopes that at some point in my life, there will be more “pluses” than “minuses.”

4. I accidentally have the ombre look. I dyed my hair slightly back in January, and then the sun bleached a lot of it, and I’ve been too lazy to correct any of the color. So now I have about 5 inches of darker roots and lighter tips. I’m in style without even trying!


5. Beast mode in the gym is currently achieved through strong coffee with coconut cream, my boyfriend’s old Hooters t-shirt, and my Ludacris iHeartRadio station. I’m not ashamed.


6. Thought up the BEST Halloween costume at the gym today… but I want it to be a surprise, so you can’t know yet… sorry! Speaking of surprises, there are other fun surprises afoot, also gym related… do I have your interest? Good.

7. It’s been 25 days since I’ve had any binging or purging behavior. This is the longest I’ve gone without purging since (roughly) January, and the longest without binging in YEARS (like, maybe 3?)


Paying it forward…

Brunch for Every Meal – I aspire to be as witty as Dara. Seriously.

Paleo in PDX – BAMF chick up in PDX (lovelovelove) who creates so many tasty paleo goodies!!!

STRONG Like My Coffee – College sophomore, NCAA Division I athlete (cross country, indoor and outdoor track) and health enthusiast; lots of healthy recipes fit for a college budget!

2K in 2K10 – Fizz is a writer, author and insane cyclist. Forealz; I complain about riding 3 miles to work and this guy rides a century for fun. Craziness.

Sleep, Eat, Gym, Repeat – Erica and Emily are two twenty-something friends in Boston blogging about food and fitness!

Joy, Fitness and Style – Certified personal fitness trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM); great workouts and cute outfits!

idrankthecfkoolaid – hot CrossFit mama blogging about her insane workouts.

Tiare Fitness – an adorable fitness lover blogging about her fitness journey, adventures in paleo and tons of motivation!


8 thoughts on “inspiring.

  1. Love the “All the things!” memes!! 🙂 Thanks for thinking I’m amazing 😉 We lifting ladies need to stick together! 🙂
    Soo proud of you on #7! You got some awesome chicks that support you 100% and you know that your working out will make you stronger, both physically and mentally!!

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