For the longest time…

Oh, hi there! I guess I’ve been missing for a while…

Been working like a crazy person; between my clients (I have three regulars now!), the office and the running store, there is very little “me” time. Took part of the day Thursday to run some errands.

Got some headshots and resumes printed, and grabbed some clothes from Ross (you know, that really high end store) so I’d have something to wear for auditions and workshops.

Went to my first casting director workshop last night and the guy told me I did well, but I needed new headshots…

umm, yes, I know, but how was my acting??


So Sundays are my only days off at this point. This past weekend happened to be Oktoberfest, which in my mind looks like this..

But really just devolves into this…

Not only does this involve my getting combative and argumentative (apparently I bitched about paying for my own groceries?? WTF Sam!?), I tend to not make the best eating choices.

Not to mention, beer already has a shit ton of gluten.

Which is clearly why I switched to Margaritas at Te’Kila

With goat cheese chicken flautas. Good life decisions.

Luckily when I woke up yesterday, my tummy wasn’t bloated, but my face sure was. I ate everything anti-inflammatory that was available to me…


Wild salmon with curry powder (tumeric), broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and olive oil. And drank a lot of green tea and water.

The result? Non-puffy face for my workshop 🙂

I was lucky enough yesterday to get an email from the Carb Backloading guru master himself, Kiefer, and in telling him how backloading has been working for me, I realized I haven’t been doing the greatest job of telling you guys what I eat so you can see why it may or may not work for you.

So what do I eat?

Training day:

Breakfast: coffee with coconut cream
Morning snack: pumpkin/spinach protein shake
Lunch: salad with wild salmon and mixed greens + some kind of fat (goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, avocado, etc.)
Afternoon snack: roast turkey and veggies
Dinner: gluten free pasta or pizza, lean protein, wine, and Puffins or chocolate (or both)


Breakfast: coffee or tea with coconut cream
Morning snack: eggs and spinachLunch: salad with wild salmon and mixed greens
Afternoon snack (if hungry): roast turkey and roasted seaweed
Dinner: salad, zucchini or brussels sprouts, lean protein, herbal tea

So, yes, I’m still consuming too much sugar to see real results, and will be cutting out the chocolate bars, but I am feeling really good and am lifting really heavy (check out my training logs under the NROLFW header).

I’m also trying to incorporate more cardio into my routine, which requires building more time into the gym… this week is a little lacking due to work and helping friends with headshot makeup, but I do plan to go for a run after work today.

Saturday was a freaking LONG morning of workouts. Biked down to Griffith Park to talk to a couple meetup groups about the store opening… which meant a 17 mile round trip bike ride in addition to my run/walk through Griffith with the second group. My body is still achy. I’m sure Oktoberfest helped…

I am getting better at listening to my body though, so that’s nice. Ate some pad thai before my workshop last night and had my tea this morning while I did a barre workout with a client.

Found myself RAVENOUS afterwards (probably because I’d eaten dinner so early, for me) so I went and had a real breakfast at Republic of Pie.


You thought it would be pie, didn’t you!? Well they have lots of REAL food on the menu now, in addition to their amazing pie. This beauty is a mushroom, spinach and brie omelet with a green salad. I also had a coconut milk pumpkin latte that was the BEST pumpkin latte I’ve ever had anywhere. Not too sweet, just spicy enough, and actually tasted like pumpkin. Plus, I’m obsessed with the fact that they have coconut milk. LOVE.

So, sorry I’ve been out of touch. Hopefully when we have the cult up and running, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me on a much more structured basis 😉

Or maybe the casting workshop went so well last night they’ll give me my own show! Hey, a girl can dream.



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