Case of the Mondays

Yes, yes I do.

I apologize to keep disappearing  The boy’s family came in last Thursday night and we’ve been pretty freaking busy since then.

Had another special visitor come in a week early, and let’s just say she’s been making my life hell.

Not only was I stuck at work with no underwear and no feminine hygiene products, I chose to put together the least amount of clothing I’ve ever worn for a Halloween costume at the height of full bloat (I know my female readers can relate).

Already feeling gross and disgusting, I sucked it up and tried to make myself look as attractive as possible. But it was no use. Caution: I’m about to get real whiny here. And it’s my blog, so I can.

It wasn’t bad enough that most people apparently have never seen the Paul Ryan photos (do you people live under a rock?!). I got barely any comment on my costume at all. Ladies, we all know the point of Halloween is to look hot so other people will tell us we look hot, and we can pretend to be all shy about it and humbly thank people. I mean, I’ve lost like, 25lbs since last Halloween and packed on another 10lbs of muscle. I’m no supermodel, but I am finally starting to feel like I have a decent body. And yeah, whatever, me believing it should be enough, but it’s not. I like to be told, thank you very much. So instead, I moped around for most of the party feeling like a huge, fat, blubbering whale.

The boy looked pretty great though.

I’m a huge superhero nerd, so I was a big fan of this choice.


With some notice, this could have easily been made the best couples costume ever considering I’m a ballsy redhead who lifts weights…

This dawned on the boy last night as we were making dinner (gluten free grilled cheese!) and when I quite snippily (sorry babe!) pointed out that I could’ve made that happen if he’d told me he was going to be Wolverine in the first place, he asked if Aunt Flo was a hitter.

She is now!

Just kidding. I’ll get over it. I may even concoct something Rogue-ish for actual Halloween instead of going back to Paul Ryan.

So anyway, that was my attitude for the rest of the weekend really. Was late for an audition yesterday because I couldn’t find my wallet. Finally made it and then called home to catch up. And then passed the f out.

Good lord, this bitch is EXHAUSTING.

Woke up this morning with just enough energy to make the boy’s smoothie and lunch, and then go back to sleep until the last possible second… Thoroughly considered not working out this morning, but the little nagging voice in my head made me do it.

I’m almost done phase 1 of NROLFW so I knew I should push through… I’m ready for some new damn lifts!

Begrudgingly I started warming up my deadlifts when I looked over and happened to notice my warm up weight was about 50lbs more than the dude working next to me who was struggling to lift that bar up. That’s when I got my chutzpah back. Something about lifting more than the guys always fires something up inside of me. A little competition never hurt.

Less than a week now until my 10k (and another special day…) and I have to admit, I haven’t been training as much as I should. Planning on running tomorrow after work, as well as Wednesday and Thursday, so I’m not super worried.

If you’re interested in donating, there’s still time! Just click below 🙂



4 thoughts on “Case of the Mondays

    • sambangs says:

      I know; thanks for the camaraderie 🙂
      Now we just both have to get onto our ACTUAL cycles, and then we’ll be all set! 😉

    • no one took any pictures, so I only have the one I posted on twitter and facebook :-/
      and I was so frustrated with myself yesterday that I didn’t want to put it up here.
      as I said, bratty and cranky haha they always say women who spend time together tend to get on the same cycle. apparently we’re conquering the physics of “spending time together.”

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