It Starts With…

Well, I made it back from Utah in one piece!

It was cold, and snowed the whole time, but it inspired multiple topics I want to blog about and refocused my health/fitness exploration.

Today’s post though, is going to be pretty short. My focus has been on studying my ACE certification, getting interviews, and lining up new headshots since the glowing review from the manager I saw last week was marred only by my need for new pictures.



Probably my favorite part of the trip was getting to meet some personal idols of mine: The Hartwigs!

Some fun information… Melissa is actually from the city I was born in, and still has family there. Both our phone numbers still have the same zip code. We’re really cool.

Okay, she’s really cool….  I just fake it.

KILLED ME because Melissa said she didn’t have anything to wear since she’s starting to show (they’re pregnant with their first child)… girl PLEASE, you look freaking incredible.

Anyway, if you don’t know the Hartwigs, they started Crossfit 603 in NH and went on to publish It Starts With Food

It’s a pretty incredible paleo resource from a scientific standpoint, and breaks everything down so it’s really easy to understand.

If you don’t quite grasp it all though, they tour and do workshops to explain further. I could listen to them talk for hours. In fact, we did. It was our longest interview yet at around 2 hours.

Listening to them go into further detail about reasons why paleo is better for the body, I was pretty much convinced that I need to go back to eating this way.

I’ve started cleaning my diet up even more, and as long as I continue to look at certain foods as “I don’t eat this because it makes me feel like crap” as opposed to “I can’t eat this because it’s not paleo,” I don’t think it’ll affect my recovery.

Case in point, we went to Pago for lunch on the Hartwig’s recommendation, and I had me a fan-flipping-tastic burger.


Medium-Rare. Nom.

Plenty more details on the trip to come, but now I’m going to eat some lunch (seared ahi with avo and greens) and continue to prep for my audition!

But before I go…

Today is the LAST DAY to enter my Paleo People Granola giveaway, so if you haven’t entered yet: THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE.


3 thoughts on “It Starts With…

  1. How awesome that you got to meet them!!! I loved that book and it makes SO much sense.. yet it is so easy to fall out of the habit once you’re in it : And by falling I mean tumbling head first..
    I didn’t love being on the Whole30 but I can tell such a difference in my food habits now and how I keep allowing little cheats that turn into big cheats that turn into my feeling like garbage..
    I’d say I’m up for a 30-day challenge.. but know I can’t commit to Thanksgiving and Christmas.. lol.

    • sambangs says:

      haha yeah, I don’t think I’m looking at attempting another Whole30 anytime soon, but definitely plan on eating paleo as much as possible

  2. Sam, it was so great to meet you, Sarah, and Tony. We really hope you got some good footage out of our two hours of filming, because half the time we felt like morons. It was really fun to participate, however, and we can’t wait to see the footage, and help you promote the movie! Keep in touch.

    Melissa & Dallas

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