Wanna Cyber?

Well, Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season has officially begun…
Dinner went SMASHINGLY. I actually made sure to only eat my gluten free options that I prepared, so no gross carb hangover the next morning for me! Plus a ran my own 5k in before I even started cooking, so I was set and ready to eat my heart out.
Anyone do any Black Friday shopping yesterday?
I sure didn’t.
Working in retail kinda makes you want to avoid dealing with copious amounts of shoppers off the clock.
That’s what cyber Monday is for usually, but if you’re like me and just can’t wait, Viacost.com has a deal for you RIGHT NOW.

Start Date: 11/24/2012 Time: 9:00AM EST
End Date: 11/26/2012 Time: 11:59 PM EST

With Vitacost.com, you don’t have to choose between stores that sell products you don’t really want at super-low prices, and stores that sell the better health and wellness products you want at crazy-high prices. We offer over 2,000 of the top, most-trusted natural brands, diet foods and healthy living essentials-the very best nutritional supplements, whole foods and sports nutrition-at discount prices, up to 50% off. And we’ll deliver them right to your door for FREE if your order totals $49 or more. Otherwise, shipping is just a small, flat-rate fee of $4.99, no matter how big the box.

Vitacost has some really awesome health and nutrition options at already affordable prices, so getting free shipping is a STEAL.

So happy holiday shopping! Just so you have it handy, I wear medium sized sports bra, size 7.5 sneakers, love protein powder and the color green 😉

Peace and love.


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