Carpe Monday

So the craziness of Thanksgiving planning is over, and as I said before, it went SWIMMINGLY.

…get it? 😉

This week is all about prepping for new HEADSHOTS on Sunday, in addition to the two auditions and one casting workshop between now and then. Did a little clothes shopping yesterday since my pair of amazing fitting jeans that I JUST bought have someone gone missing… I wound up with some great audition outfits, but I still need to look for one more headshot top I think. I really need a stylist.

I dress myself good!

Because the main focus of the week is photographs being taken of me, I’m switching things up workout and nutrition wise.

I’m doing a modified version of the 21-day Sugar Detox, and really focusing on upper body and cardio intervals in the gym. That being said, I’m still planning on doing one big lower lift each workout (squat or deadlift) just to keep those things in line.

The modifications I’m making to the detox are moderate amounts of unflavored organic whey protein, and raw organic milk, mostly because I don’t like to waste food. Trust me though, the taste of plain whey with greens is not a protein shake that makes me crave another one…

The biggest things will be cutting out cheese (I’ve been getting carried away) and all sweeteners. Brown rice is technically allowed, so it’s not quite as strict as the Whole30, but I will be trying to stick to those guidelines as much as possible (sans whey/raw milk restriction, of course).

I finally took down all the Halloween and fall decorations which means the boy and I get to decorate for Christmas this week!!! I’ll also be posting some of my healthy holiday recipes so everyone can get into the spirit 🙂

One last thing; today is ACTUAL CYBER MONDAY which means it’s the last day to head over to Vitacost and get a crazy good deal.


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