November Foodie Penpals and Doomsday December


My foodie penpal box this month was courtesy of the lovely Ashley. She was a first-timer and I gave her a bit of a challenge with my gluten free restrictions, but she did quite well!


She made me an AMAZING batch of gluten free granola. Not too sweet, really crunchy, and some of the biggest raisins I’ve ever seen.

Some skinny pop popcorn which she assumed I had tried… BUT I HADN’T! Snacked on it last night after work; quite tasty. Good amount of salt and just enough oil. We usually pop our own popcorn, but this would definitely be a handy snack if you were ever out and about and needed a healthier option.

I’ve seen these Gluten Free Bars (GFB) around but I’ve never actually had one to try. I’m saving them for emergencies (rushed mornings, forgotten lunch, etc.)

Finally, Ashley wanted to send me some Illinois in my box, so I got local PUMPKIN BUTTER. You all know how much I love my pumpkin. I always pass on it at Trader Joe’s because it’s not a “necessity” but I’ve always dreamed about how good it is. And

Laying off the pumpkin butter and other sweets still, at least until headshots are done on Sunday.

December has come fast upon us, which means it’s time to set new goals. My November goals were pretty wimpy; just giving up coffee and keep recovery in check. Let’s just say coffee was WAY easier.

It’s time for a challenge. According to the Mayans and really superstitious people, the world is going to end in December, so I say, let’s prepare ourselves. I don’t really believe that the world is going to just end, but I will say, I watch enough film and TV to think that something else is definitely possible…

That’s right. Flesh eating zombies. The running ones are totally scarier than the slow ones, but the ones on the Walking Dead I feel move the most realistically. That being said, we have to prepare ourselves for anything, and that means being in amazing shape. So get ready for a month of workouts that will have you lifting heavy, sprinting fast and working up a sweat. Welcome to Doomsday December.

Tomorrow is December 1st, but Saturdays are my “bonus” days during the week; kind of like rest days with one good lift thrown in. So you get to start out with something kind of easy. Push yourself hard though; those zombies won’t hold back, so neither should you.

Finish off with 20 minutes of cardio to cool down. Your choice. May I suggest running for your life?


6 thoughts on “November Foodie Penpals and Doomsday December

  1. Food looks delicious! And I got some TJ’s pumpkin butter from my penpal last month and it was a perfect treat on top of “paleo” pancakes lol. Not paleo at all.. but whatever, it’s a seasonal treat!

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