Look At The Time!

Holy balls I’ve been busy!

Not that it’s a good excuse to have been slacking on my blogging… and my workouts for that matter.


That being said, I’ve been really focused on work and friends lately.

Maybe it’s the Christmas season, but I find myself making time to see friends rather than letting my soul be sucked into the social media void.

Thursday was all work and no play…


Okay, there was some play; I work for a production company after all. Author Jeff Schweitzer FLEW IN ON HIS OWN PLANE to do an interview with us.

And then I talked to Peg Malone, the editor of Natural Health and Fit Pregnancy magazines…


Friday was lots of business as well…

Took the metro and two buses down to Santa Monica…


I’m like a fo’reals actor now. Let’s just hope this means they can get me into some audition rooms…

Saturday after work, the boy and I went to Universal CityWalk for the free Juliet Simms concert 🙂


We can look cute sometimes.

And then this happens…image

Woke up the next morning to see Silver Linings Playbook (which I highly recommend) with the boy and my best friend from college (MY TWO FAVORITE PEOPLE!!!).

Then we spent the day at Universal for Grinchmas!


After that we shopped for Operation Letters to Santa. Basically, you go to the post office and pick up letters from under-privileged kids who’ve written to Santa and may not otherwise have a Christmas. Generally they ask for clothes or small toys, but it’s usually very modest and therefore a very humbling holiday experience.

I helped the boy with the letters he picked up last year, and it actually re-instilled the Christmas spirit in me. It’s also how I knew it was okay to let myself fall for him. You know when you look at a person and you’re just struck with awe that “wow, this is a genuinely sincere and good human being” and you become so overwhelmed that you don’t even know how to explain how you feel towards that person, you just know that it is intensely positive? That is the moment I fell in love with him. And I continue to be perpetually in awe.

So we’ve shopped for 5 kids so far, and have plans to shop for more.

Had a staff meeting this morning and two agent workshops tonight, so no workout today, but I will definitely be getting my butt in the gym tomorrow morning.

On the agenda:

Doomsday December – Workout 5

3 sets of 10-12 reps at 70% max weight

Squats (60 seconds of jumprope between sets)

Pull Ups

Hay Bailers

KB Swing
KB Tricep Extension

KB Oblique Side Bends
Romans with Medicine Ball

Cool down with 20 minutes of cardio intervals, your choice.


One thought on “Look At The Time!

  1. Looks like you’ve been a busy girl!

    Congrats on being signed!! You know when you’re rich and famous, you better remember your bloggy friends 🙂

    That’s so nice about the Letters to Santa.. very sweet and sounds very humbling! It’s so easy to get caught up in the commercial aspect of Christmas and forget the important things!

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