Getting Over the Hump

So luckily I’ve managed to book another headshot session with a friend from college, which means it’s back to panicking about my skin, hair and body for the next week…

I’ve also enlisted the help of another friend for wardrobe this time around, so hopefully that’s better too.

I’m officially Marketing Manager at the running store now, which is exciting, but also EXTRA stressful while trying to balance all my other career choices…

Had some rather discouraging workshops on Monday, but I just have to keep reminding myself that this is a subjective business and I won’t please everyone.

First read-through of Trainspotting tonight, so that’s pretty sweet.

Also, it’s 12-12-12 which is pretty fun, but also a reminder that the world is supposed to end in 19 days… has everyone been preparing, or have you just been ignoring me?

Don’t worry, there’s still time. And I’ll keep posting workouts for you. But they only work if you actually do them!

Getting kind of excited to go home and have some time off from work… been looking into free trials at gyms to use since there’s apparently no 24Hour Fitness in NH. Lame. Kind of exciting, Crossfit603 (the box the Hartwigs started) is now in my hometown, a couple of miles from my house… and they offer a week trial! I think it’s fate. Looks like it’s going to be a cold, crossfit Christmas!

Have a GREAT humpday. Don’t forget to sweat(pink)! 🙂


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